Why Are There Three Places To Sharpen in Lightroom?

Good mornin’ everybody! OK, so I had planned on posting my field report on the Canon 100-400mm today, but I haven’t finished it (it’s been a really busy week), and now I’m off to tape some classes at the studio, and blah, blah, blah â” it’s not done. Totally my fault (it’s the old “too much on my plate thing”).

However, since I’ve taken over the reins at LightroomKillerTips, I’ve been posting daily Lightroom tutorials and tips over there and my latest post is “Why Are There Three Different Places to Sharpen in Lightroom?” So, if you’ve got a minute to bop over there and check it out, here’s the link.  (while you’re there feel free to check out my other posts; enjoy the new car smell; and please stand clear of the doors (Por favor mant©nganse alejado de las puertas).

My plan is to run the field report tomorrow, but of course that was the plan for today, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get everything done I need to get done, to finish it up. Now, if you come here tomorrow and you see something entirely different, then you know how that went down. ;-)

Hope you all have a spectacular Monday (there’s an oxymoron to start your week â” “spectacular monday”) and we’ll see you here tomorrow come rain or come shine (I have no idea why I just wrote that last part).



  1. Scott, after reading your post-script in a previous version of this post, it made me remember how some of my former high school students would complain after one of my lessons that they “already had this” when they were in junior high. I’d always informed them that not everybody was taught these lessons, and besides, “it’s always a great review” for those who already knew the skills and knowledge. Great lesson, Scott! It was a great review! ;-)

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