Why Photography is All About Emotion

I hadn’t seen this in 10 years, and I had never seen the full version.

My friend Kevin Gilbert sent me this a week or so ago and it’s just so wonderful â” It’s just a few minutes long, but totally worth every minute. I hope it makes your Tuesday, and your upcoming year in photography, a little bit brighter by remembering it’s all about emotion.

Thank you, Kevin for bringing this back to life for me and my readers.



    1. But if you get “likes” or “shares” I believe you have nailed it! You have touched someone –a stranger, emotionally through your photography, or your vision.

  1. It’s sad in a way since alot of photographers are losing their jobs in the journalism field. It goes to show you that a picture will never disappear and is worth more than a thousand words. They tell a story much better sometimes than video, example look at the picts from the tragedy in France. Thanks for sharing scott

  2. When I lost my son in 2001, one of the first things I got to do was put all shots that friends had of him on 3 cd’s, years later when I felt I could look at them the files would not open, all 3 disc corrupted in some way, I do have some prints but not many.
    This film makes you think, print and save, print and save, they are priceless.

  3. The loss of digital files happens to all of us sometime, but the prints are still around till we throw them away. Please ‘print and save’ your best for our greater

  4. Love this. It reminds how ubiquitous photography is and why it is such a worthy craft and how sometimes it needn’t be a masterpiece to have value.

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