Women in Photography with Christina Sauer, Gilmar Smith, Kathy Porupski & Guests | The Grid Ep. 525

This week on The Grid, join Christina Sauer, Gilmar Smith, Kathy Porupski, and more as they discuss women in photography! They’re also joined by Photoshop World instructors Karen Hutton, Kaylee Greer, and Victoria Pavlov who all share their stories, work, perspectives on the world of photography!

New KelbyOne Course: How to Use the Canon R3 Like a Pro with Erik Kuna

Join Erik Kuna to learn the ins and outs of the amazing Canon EOS R3! If you’ve purchased the R3 or are considering adding this to your kit, then this is the class for you. Join Erik as he shares his experience with using the R3, discusses what type of photographer will benefit the most from what this camera has to offer, and then takes you on a deep dive exploration of the buttons, dials, and menus to help you get the most out of Canon’s most high performance mirrorless camera to date!

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