Worldwide Photo Walk Update

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on:

> With a little more than a month to go, today, we’ve got 770 walks around the world up and running, and more than 12,600 photographers already signed up to be a part of their local walks. Sweet!!!

> LEADERS: We’re adding a competition just for Walk Leaders, so they can submit an image they took during their walk, and compete just against other walk leaders (and not their walkers), for a really great prize (which we’re working on now). More details shortly.

> LEADERS: We still have some cities that have applied for walks but haven’t been approved yet. We’ve got two people working on it every day, but it’s quite a backlog, and we’re cranking away at them as quickly as possible, so if you’ve applied for walk and haven’t heard anything, you should hear something very soon.

> We’re squashing a few bugs in the backend software that registers walkers and leaders, and while most walks are running smoothly, there are a few that are having problems here and there. We’re working on fixing these, and thanks for letting us know when you run into a problem.

> If you haven’t ordered your official 2011 Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirt, make sure you order it now so it arrives well in time for the walk (remember, 100% of the profits go to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya). Here’s the link.

> LEADERS: The official press kit is now available for download from the Leaders Dashboard, as well as a link to the “Leader” Photo Walk t-shirts.

> For the latest Photowalk news, visit our Facebook page at

> if you haven’t signed up for a local walk, now’s your chance (it’s free!).

That’s it for this quick wrap-up. Many thanks in advance to all of you that have helped spread the word about the walk through your own Facebook, Twitter, G+, and blogs. It’s much appreciated. :)

  1. I’m sure glad this has been moved to October and over 2 days. I first signed up for the Saturday walk, but have a wedding to shoot that day. I will do the OKC walk on Sunday. As hot as it’s been this summer October is PERFECT!
    Thanks Scott you are the man. ;)
    PSW here we come!!

  2. If anyone from UK is looking in – might be worth ordering tees for your UK walkers together to save on shipping from US – Up to 5 tees is only about $12. Over that is still really reasonable.
    I’m Dave Clayton reporting for NAPPMEMBER UK – back to you in the studio…..

  3. I’m just excited that this is the first time my schedule hasn’t been booked and I can actually attend a Photo Walk! The bonus is, I’ll be in New Zealand at the time so I get to be someplace really cool for it!

  4. Is there a kit to do a photo walk   I’m organizing a photo walk here in Vermont on June 29 to go with the G+ anniversary and any help would be welcome  does Google have any gifts for the people that dew the walk the give to the out during the walk?
    thanks G+ Peter Manship

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