Yet Another Episode of “Scott School of Hard Knocks”


Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for while, will remember when I did my Lightroom Tour in Hawaii this past December.

Well, the day after the seminar I joined my family in Maui, and the hotel we were staying at had this beautiful koi pond. As I was walking by, I saw what had to be the most beautiful, perfectly formed water lily, in the most perfect setting and light possible. I thought to myself, “Oh, I have got to shoot that—that is just too perfect.” But then I thought, “But to do it right, I’d have to get out my tripod, and cable release, and bring all my gear down, and it’s all up in the room, and…..(wait for it….wait for it….) I’ll just come back and shoot it later.”

The following day, the biggest storm to hit Maui in like 12 years rolled in, and our side of the island was without power for literally days. Well, when the rain finally cleared, I walked by the koi pond again, and my beautiful, perfect lily, had become the drowned, wilted, water-logged, limp lily you see above. The setting had changed, the lighting was bad, the lily was trashed, and I took the hand-held snapshot above just so I could share this “Scott’s School of Hard Knocks” story with you when I got back, with the the moral being:

“Don’t ever assume you can get the shot later.”

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