You Know It’s Going to Be a Weird Day, When…


So we land at the tiny airport in Kalispell, Montana, and as we get off the plane there’s a man standing there to greet us, holding the sign you see above. This could only be (and it is), Bill Fortney, from Nikon Professional Services, who’s teaching the workshop with me. So, when I saw the sign I reacted much as I imagine Ansel himself would have—I punched his lights out. (Kidding, totally kidding). Actually, once I stopped laughing my butt off, I did what Ansel himself probably would have done if he were alive today. I pulled out my iPhone and got a shot of crazy Bill holding that sign. It’s going to be a wild week! ;-)

We’re off to our sunrise shoot, so I’ve got to go, BUT….(TEASER ALERT): I got to shoot with the Nikon D3 yesterday, and I’m shooting with it again this morning, and…….. (well, check back later for the scoop).

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