Your Lightroom 4 Wish List Comments

Blue genie goes out of the laptop

Hi Gang: I wanted to do a follow-up to last Friday’s post about “What I’d Love to See in Lightroom 4” because you guys came up with so many other great feature requests, ideas and enhancements to what’s already there, I wanted to share some of the ones that really resonated with me.

There is one that would be high on my list, and I totally forgot about it, until I read Bryan’s comment: “Why no Vibrance in the Adjustment Tool?” I second that. You can leave Saturation, but add a Vibrance slider.

Also, I sent my post to Adobe’s Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty, and then Tom and I talked on the phone about all this on Friday (I was just happy we were still talking). ;-)

Anyway, while I can’t go into specifics about what what Tom and I discussed, I can tell you two things: (1) Adobe is listening. Big time. At a level that was unthinkable just a few years ago. The Lightroom team is full of photographers (Tom included), and they use the program themselves, and they want the same things we want, and they’re fully committed to giving us the tools we need. And (2) I was very, very, very happy at what I heard from Tom. That’s all I’m saying.

One more thing: There were a number of features that people are asking for that are already in Lightroom, which is a good thing (and some folks kicked in with their own comments pointing them in the right direction, which is something I love about the people who frequent this blog. They want to help each other out, which is really what it’s all about).

Now, on to highlights from your comments (By the way—-Adobe is reading all your comments. These are just my favorites):

“Relative presets. I don’t want a preset that setss my exposure to 2.0. I want a preset that adds 2.0 to the current value. Most presets are useless unless the original exposure is spot on. If presets could create relative values instead of absolutes, it would be so much easier to browse through lots of different effects until you get the look you want.”

“A healing brush with Content Aware would be #1 on my list.”

Trevor King
“Watermark positioning is my other gripe. V. 3.0 limits where watermarks can be positioned through the 0-10% vertical movement limitation. Please allow 25% changes in positioning so that I get my watermarks in my preferred position halfway between centre and the bottom of the image.”


“The ability to export as a file that you can burn straight to DVD would save me hours of work when doing slideshows for clients. Being limited to a compressed file format for the web is only half way there.”

“It’s not a matter of loyalty (for us photographers), it’s a matter of productivity and competitive advantage. Come on, Adobe…blow us away…and SOON, please.”

Eric Cote
“You forgot the most important: a real healing brush instead of the spot healing we have at the moment.”

“Make it easier to create folders and subfolders in the library. How about a right-click, new folder? I know, that’s so 1992.”

Levi Sim
“Clone Stamp. that’s all I want. I would never have to leave LR if it had the clone stamp tool.”

“Identity Plates should snap to guides and grids. Photo boxes will snap to guides, but not to grids.”

“I miss the ability to use more than one song in Slideshow, especially when I have more than three minutes worth of images to watch. Why was that ability changed?”

“Make the “Ad-hoc slideshow” [Impromptu] performance what it should be, in e.g. picasa I can just hit slideshow and it instantly starts showing. In LR 3, I first have to wait minutes while ‘preparing…’ That isn’t ad-hoc slideshow to me…”

Bill Gommel
“How about the ability to search multiple catalogs. My catalog is getting huge because I want to be able to search for a certain class images. It would be nice to have a wedding catalog, a portrait catalog, an every day catalog, but if I want to search for all images with keyword Chicago it would search all three catalogs.”

Robbie R.
“I’d love to see White Balance adjustment added to the adjustment brush tool. It would be great for fixing those shots where we have mixed light sources.”

Piet Van den Eynde
“The ability to fade a preset in Lightroom: just apply a preset, and have ‘preset strenght’ slider to add to the effect or diminish it. Also allow one or two levels of extra hierarchy to store presets in… Right now, there’s only one folder level… People with lots of presets have to scroll through endless lists…”

John Swarce
“Make the updating of watermarks easier. If I create a watermark and I make any later change to it (say…moving it from one side of the picture to the other side because it looks better), I have to save it as a new watermark. I could see if I changed the text or style, but just the positioning? I suppose I could create seperate watermarks as “Left Bottom”, “Right Bottom”, “Top Right, Vertical Orientation”, etc. but this would get messy really quickly.”

“How about a larger navigator window so we can better see presets being applied. Paul adds:
Even better yet, how about an option to preview presets in the original image. The tiny navigator window just doesn’t cut it.”

Michael Tissington
“Stacks need improving … there needs to be a way of selecting the entire stack without expanding it first (and it does not need to expand, just because I have it selected).”

Ian Butterworth
“It would be nice if they could take the “backup” even further and backup all the settings, colour profiles, develop settings, plugins in use, etc. as they are scattered in different directories. In fact I wish Photoshop would do this too. Backup anything I have configured easily so if I did a fresh install I could restore the backup and have everything how it was.”

Waldek Chadzynski
“Please don’t forget about [the] request from Matt Kloskowski about being able to move vignette all around a picture.” [thanks Waldek—-I forgot about that one—Matt’s spot on!].

Matt Timmons
“Please put a patch tool in Lightroom that does the same thing that the Spot Removal tool does, but lets us draw our own selection around an area instead of having to use multiple adjacent circles clone/heal an area (i.e a patch tool just like PS, but allows you to change the opacity/location/size like the spot healing tool- maybe add feathering to it too). Often I have to go into Photoshop just for that one thing and I end up with a copied .psd file that can’t be edited in LR. (2) In the Metadata Module, include something that tells you which mode on the camera the picture was taken in (manual, Av, etc.) like in Bridge.”

“I’d like to see RGB curves in Lightroom 4 both for accurate color correction and color toning in images, or at least the red-cyan slider.”

Dick Kenny
“Please add a vote for making Camera Calibration accessible in Library. To many the choices offered by this function are fundamental when deciding what to keep and what to reject. By the time one gets to Develop, its too late – and switching between both modules before you need to is a bore.”

Chris Newham
“[Add a] Gradient eraser brush.”

William Haun
“Export folders & collections with hierarchy intact. There is a LR/TreeExport plugin available for folders but I’d kill to be able to select a Collection Set and have its contents exported as a folder structure.”

“I would like to have the possebillity to use the lens correction Profiles from CS5 and/or to include new created ones.”

“We would need one think on top of that for video: a way to change the video date after importing! Right now, say you have edited a video, then the date of the modification is used instead of the date of shooting.”

Peter  [These are so well thought out, I have to imagine this is Peter Krogh, but I could be wrong].
“(1) There is no way to create custom metadata fields without developing a plug-in, and even then, the custom fields only live in the catalog. (2) – Add a shortcut to the straighten tool already, (3) Add an “offline” mode where I can edit image settings/metadata and then batch-apply them when my images are online again (that would be with the export metadata to XMP option active). You know, not the “metadata changed” icons in the library grid. Unlock the develop settings that would be previewed based on the low-res image anyway. (4) Add a “use last” button to the keywords field of the new import dialog box.”

“Also Pano stitching would be very nice to have in Lr itself.”

Zack Jones
“Custom File Naming on Import – Allow us to use all meta data for filenaming. For example {YYYYMMDD}_{Camera_Name}_{####} would yield 20100813_7D_0001 for my 7D and 20100813_T2i_0001 for my T2i.”

My thanks to everybody who took the time to comment on Friday. Even if you didn’t wind up as one of my favorites listed here, more importantly your idea may have wound up as one of Adobe’s favorites. :)

  1. Also the ability for preset to reset all sliders to default before changing. (I think) some presets do not affect some sliders, example: when I click on a preset that adjusts a color then select another preset that doesn’t concern itself with that color it will stay the same. When I hit the reset button and then select that second preset it will look completely different than the first series of clicks.

  2. Hi Scott, some of your favorites are key features of CS5 (content aware for example). I do not think Adobe will release them in Lightroom to (but if they want to do this, pleeeaase!!!) :-)

  3. It would be nice to be able to use the scroll wheel on the mouse to roll easily through the options on pick lists (e.g., presets, cam calibration, etc.) and see the effect temporarily without the effect “sticking”. Using the scroll wheel to effortlessly change an image’s magnification would also be wonderful. (both per PSPX2).

    Perhaps these are possible? (I used LR 3 betas.)

  4. For the tree versions I’ve been dreaming about good work with face colors and have nothing. This can be either presets for skintone colors modification or correct support of «native» profiles, e.g. Camera Portrait to render skin tones better (I have a Nikon and LR every version gives too much red to the face without an ability to quickly fix it). Sorry for mentioning, but «some competitors» long ago have a much better color editor and profiles to work with skintone colors.

  5. Hi Scott,

    I have tried different softares to find a way working my digital images like in film.
    I am looking to spend more time of taking images rather than playing different softwares.
    I assisted a wedding photographer whom encouraged me to stick on film.
    I bought Aperture 2 and what I enjoy is about making books.
    So far I remember of Lightroom is about the web pages in flash which I would like to incorporate to iweb. Time and money (spendings) are important in photography.
    I don’t also talk about Capture NX.
    Furthermore, I am a color blind and found difficult to correct my color cast. Neverthless, I find more usefull your course with your team rather than my last evening course in photoshop and dreamweaver CS3.



  6. You missed one Scott! The ability to have in slideshow video and still picture to have a more multimedia feel. Yep just like apple aperture, sorry adobe!

  7. Don’t know if it’s possible but I’m sure the folks at Adobe can’t come up with something.
    I love to see the possibility to delete my back-up photos the same time as I delete my rejects using the ‘x’ key. You see my back-up Ext. HD is filling up faster than my keepers Ext. HD and going thru it physically is a long process. L/R can be smart enough to recognize the file names and ask at the same time at deletion: “Do you also want L/R to delete selected photos ‘from’ your Back-up”. “Yes”
    Just a thought but it would be a Great.

  8. Sorry I missed the original comments round. Here’s my two cents. I work in a high volume photolab and our current color correction environment leaves a lot to be desired. My wish is that light room had the ability to export the new image as a layered tiff with the original image on a layer under the corrected layer. The printing queue software (where I work) will only print the files in a specific folder and it simply wouldn’t work to use lightroom when I have to relink every single file I correct (over a thousand some days). I have to maintain a copy of the original in case I need to recorrect (tweak) the image to match a guide provided by the customer. My other request is the addition of curve tables to lightroom. Only instead of just curves like photoshop, I wish all four tables were provided side by side (similar to Fuji’s PicPro software). That would make Lightroom viable in a high volume lab environment. I’d also like to see those curves in photoshop cs6 – but thats for another list.

  9. Cool! Scott, I figured you’d have Adobe’s ear regarding Lightroom feature updates. I’m sure Adobe has no shortage of testers. But in a year or so when they’re looking at the next upgrade, perhaps you can work out a deal to nominate select NAPP (or blog readers, etc.) members to help test the beta and specific features.

  10. I’ll chime in with support for healing brush and clone stamp, too! Other than being able to increase the canvas size, 99% of why I go to PS are those 3. Of course, removing my need to by PS would not be in the best interests of Adobe.

    One other thing that would be cool would be if plug-ins could be integrated into LR rather than needing to copy and image and open in an external program.

  11. Scott,

    All really great ideas. Whenever you ask us for feature requests like this, my mind goes as blank as a new Photoshop document (one with the transparent background grid, no less!). Maybe I’m just getting old. It’s not that I *never* think of things that can be improved in Lightroom, but I’m going to have to write them down as they come to me. So, congratulations (and thanks) to you and all your readers who came up with such valuable and insightful suggestions.

    Trev J.

    1. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT! I was looking at the picture this morning and at first quick glance I thought..

      “What did I just get Photoshopped into”

      Then I was like.. Phew!! False alarm!

  12. Scott,
    I’ve been watching this discussion with much interest as I’ve been torn between Lightroom & Aperture. I have my photo library in Aperture 3, but find myself taking many images into adobe’s raw to adjust because I love their tools. I really appreciate your insights into Lightroom and your followup post on Aperture. I just wish you’d have done this sooner as I upgraded to Aperture 3 just three weeks ago. I now wish I would have purchased lightroom. Oh well, thus is the plight of a tech and photo geek– having to keep up with the latest and greatest. Keep up the good work.


  13. One thing that I’ve always thought would be useful is the ability to automatically zoom in to a person’s eyes. When I’m checking image sharpness at 100%, the first thing I look at is the eyes. This usually means dragging around photos when I scroll through them at 100%.

    These days cameras can detect faces and even tell if someone blinks. I’m pretty sure that Adobe can figure out how to zoom into a person’s eyes. Maybe just make it an option, say Shift+zoom or something like that or Shift+”next photo” when scrolling through at 100%. Please and thank you!

  14. Why not just merge Lightroom into Photoshop? Have a button at the top that’ll switch the interface from one to the other still being able to use actions, presets and everything we love from each program. Heck even have a easy edit mode and an advance. Just my 2¢.

  15. For Brent’s comment, Relative presets already exists. We use them all the time for exposure. We have a preset for +1/3, +1/2,+2/3,+1 and corresponding ones for negative values. That is the only way we can blast through thousands of wedding images correcting them quickly. If we had to use the sliders, it would increase our time by 2-3x.

    +1 for Robbie R’s WB adjustment brush. So much mixed lighting where this would help.
    +1 for Piet Van den Eynde comments about presets.
    +1 for Brendan’s comment about preset previews.

    If I could do the level of sharpening that I truly want (Full Unsharp Mask), I could spend less time in Photoshop. Keep working on it Adobe. Good job with noise handling. That was a big step. With another step up in sharpening, we’ll be in great shape!

  16. I’d like the history list to be editable. At the very least be able to delete an individual action, or to drag an action to a new position in the edit history. Like when I apply the ‘Update to Current process’, I’d like that to be the first action, rather than the last.

  17. I can’t believe no one mentioned performance improvement. If you have ever tried picasa, you’ll see it is an order of magnitude faster in browsing pictures, and it doesn’t need pre-rendering to do it. Also I have noticed many tasks are Just CPU intensive, e.g. Zooming in on a raw file, which takes 7~8 seconds. Probably some GPU magic would help. Photoshop uses it, why not lightroom (which needs it even more as a cataloging tool).

  18. I appear to be the only one to notice that Adobe has left out an entire module in Lightroom, “Photo Tracking”. This module would add the capability to track when you sell a photo, if you post it into an online gallery, if the photo is published, entered into a photo contest (and if it wins) and any other use of the photo. You should have the ability to link related documents, such as model and property releases, invoices, tear sheets, or any other type of document. This would work like the other modules, you would have the filmstrip to select a photo with panels on the right to work with the different types of information that is tracked. You would also be able to use the library filter to search and sort by this information. The addition of this module would make Lightroom a complete image management system.

  19. I like Chris Newham’s idea of a gradient eraser; it immediately made me think of an additional control for the gradient filter: curve. Not a new idea, by any means, but I often have non-straight contrasting areas that I’d love to apply a filter to.

  20. Please, please a direct “email this photo” function, and in “Publish”, allow us to put photos directly onto Facebook. These two things seem pretty intuitive and would make my life a little easier! (Although either way I still love you, LR 3)

    1. I believe that Lightroom 3.2 beta has the Facebook upload in it, similar to how Flickr is set up in 3.0. I’m sure it will carry over to the release version. And Scott has a tutorial in his new book on how to set-up the export function to let you choose to e-mail your photos from Lightroom. Very slick!


  21. I know I’m late but can I throw in a couple:
    – Easier to change file names – be able to click an image in the panel and type in a new name (display the current name and let me change, edit it). I think you had this on your list and I loved it.
    – Same kind of file editing I can do in the folders in the collections. I’m constantly jumping back and forth. Stacking, Renames, Deletes…


  22. Scott, I may have found a mistake in your book Lightroom 3 book for Digital photographers. You tell us that we must have move our files when LR3 tells us that we are missing a link to the files. Using LR3 I am importing from a Sandisk Extreme card, using a Sony card reader and out of 150 or so photographs I got the following message:
    Important Results
    some important operations were not performed

    The following files were imported but could not be renamed. 12 and then it list the 12 files.

    So yes, it is possible to not be able to locate your files and you were not the one who removed/relocated it. Is this a bug in LR3? My other Sandisk cards work and I can open the files in the software that came with a GF1, but not in LR3.

  23. Better masks! LR and PS are very different, but could LR allow for at least one way to create more sophisticated selection masks? Right now it’s either the brush tool, or the graduated filter. I would like to apply the same kind of changes provided by these two tools to an arbitrary region that I would define using selection tools.

    I know it’s all about broad, local adjustments in LR, but I long for better masks so often. A typical case is where I shoot in a dark room and blow the highlights in a window. There is still information to recover there, I would like to decrease the exposure locally in that window, but the brush tool is circular and the window is a rectangle. The “Auto Mask” doesn’t cut it, it should help in theory, but most of the time it “hangs” on some details in window panes for example. It does a poor job recognizing contours.

    Another example: trees against the sky. That is really common. It’s usually difficult to get a good exposure between the foreground and the sky. Most of the time you will want to decrease the sky by 1 stop or more, or vice-verca. Enters the graduated filter of course, but what do you do with trees against the sky? They get caught in the filter and the top of the tree looks dark at -1 or -2 stops while the bottom looks light. Very noticeable.

    Granted, everybody has a favorite selection tool in PS, so which one to pick? What about letting third-party developers take care of that? The “only” thing we would need is for the area defined/painted by the brush tool to be stored as a real per-pixel mask in the database, instead of a set of circular strokes. Or allow both kind of masks.

    I bet a plugin could be written so that from LR you can export to PS, make a selection mask there, save the PSD file, and when you go back to LR the selection mask from the PSD is injected as the new brush tool “area”, and the PSD is discarded.

    Let’s streamline that actually. What about that: add an “Export mask to Photoshop” option that will include the current brush tool mask in the PSD file, as a PS mask or channel. You can then modify it there with PS powerful selection tools. When you save the file and leave PS, LR reads the channel and update the brush tool mask in LR. That way you don’t have to introduce new selection tools in LR. Of course it still requires that per-pixel mask for the brush tool, internally.

    The other following requests have been mentioned already, just adding a +1:
    – type feature
    – clone stamp
    – photo book
    – simple renaming of file (click in the grid and rename)

    Thanks. LR 3.0 does rock.

  24. I’ve always wanted the ability to do a radial gradient. Yes, I could use a large adjustment brush, but the gradient tool always seems faster to me. And I can easily move the gradient around.

  25. I’m sure someone has mentioned this somewhere within these two posts but how about having the “Adjustment Brush” be able to adjust everything? Any and all options in the “Develop Module” should have the ability to be selectively adjusted with the brush. (Maybe we can and I just don’t know how :)). And I would like to see different shapes for the brush, not just round. It would help with getting into areas when the “Auto Mask” feature doesn’t do it for you.

  26. Why not add everything thats in Photoshop and then rename Lightroom “Bridge”. Just kidding I think we need to be carful not to create a bloated slow product. There are some really good things that could be added but it may all come with a consequence down the road. Lightroom does what it does very well and that is why we all like it, if we add too much then it will do less of what we all want and just be photoshop semi-pro.

      1. Maybe we just need a “Kitchen Sink” module next to the Develop module. That should take care of all the requests! :D


    1. Agreed, then why not give third-party developers the opportunity to extend it even more, especially with respect to the I/O and mask API. I don’t really want to force my “list of features” on people, but I’d like the opportunity to take care of it myself.

  27. Wow, no wonder I’ve never used LR. I gave up on it years ago when I learned I had to import a file back into LR after I worked on it in Photoshop. Maybe they’ve fixed that by now but I have way better things to do with my time than constantly re-import stuff. I also hated that it placed images in the order they were clicked, not the order they existed in the browser when comparing two images. I always deleted the wrong one. Instead of fixing that they decided to ruin Bridge by making it do that, too, in CS5. Ouch.

      1. Thomas I’m not sure I understand what you mean by having to re-import. Since Lightroom 2, when I right-click on an image and select Edit in Photoshop X the following happens. If you’re in a native format (ie: NEF, CR2) it will just bring up Photoshop, you do your edits, and when you save it will automatically be listed in Lightroom. If you have made adjustments in Lightroom, you will receive a dialog asking whether to edit the original, a copy, or a copy with Lightroom adjustments. If you select the original, it will behave as I mentioned before. If you select copy with or without Lightroom adjustments, you’ll see the checkbox for stacking with original. If you click that checkbox, the image will remain with Lightroom once you edit it. The key is to call Photoshop from within Lightroom.

        So perhaps I’m missing something in how you call Photoshop. Ken, I’m thinking that Bridge will eventually go away. I’m not sure, but I think I heard Scott express that sentiment before.

  28. This may be one of those issues where I’m just missing an existing solution, but I’d really like to be able to crop a photo to exact dimensions, not just a given aspect ratio. I often want to crop panoramas, for example, so they are the same height, but it becomes a matter of trial and error, trying to get the pixel sizes to match.

  29. I’m sure this might be controversial (maybe I don’t drink enough of the adobe kool-aid), but one thing I’d really like to see in both LR and PS is some support to keep files in their native raw format, rather than converting to DNG.

    In LR, read the original file, store only changes and a preview image in the lightroom catalog to keep things fast & efficient. Possibly even have the capability for proprietary manufacturer plugins to give us consumers more choice re: raw development.

    Make LR the king of the workflow rather than a swiss-army knife which does all things but is only moderately good at any of them. Mind you I’m not saying remove the existing tools, but instead allow for alternatives.

  30. Lightroom needs a reasonable, understandable, intuitive way to put pictures into an “archive,” where they do not get involved in the day-to-day workings of Lightroom, and a reasonable, understandable, intuitive way to bring folders back from the archive. Matt has a workaround on one of his older videos at Kelby Training, but it’s bizarre. We need a drop-down menu item that says “Archive this Folder”, and another drop-down menu item that says “Open this Archive”.

    Pretty please.

  31. I’d just like Lightroom 3 to be fixed… one of those with the bug where it crashes/hangs for minutes when moving through the files with the arrow keys while rating them.

    Lightroom 4… naw… just waiting for Lightroom 3 updates so I can delete my 2.7 and start using v.3 that’s just sitting there crippled by a major bug :(

  32. Scott, great move to post a “best of” the reader’s wishlist. I hope Adobe gives it the same attention as your original list. I was glad to see that you have included many of the requests for better retouching support (healing, cloning, patching).

  33. I would love to see the ability to paint away an effect much like in onone photo tools. There are many times I would like to use a certain camera profile to change the look of the landscape in a portrait but don’t because I can’t paint back the skin tone I desire. This could save me a lot of trips to Photoshop.

  34. Probably a controversial suggestion (maybe I don’t drink enough adobe kool-aid) but I’d like to see an option which allows users to keep native raw formats instead of DNG. For example, open from native raw, save all changes (i.e. steps) plus a preview image of the adjusted photo in my LR catalog.

    I’d also like to see changes to the user interface. Photo Mechanic, Aperture, and Bibble all of which have their own flaws are arguably more logical & user friendly in terms of interface design.

    It’s clear to me that Adobe intends to make LR the “swiss-army knife” of photo software. IMHO they would be much better off positioning LR as the center of the photo workflow and build in the flexibility to allow alternative raw developers and cleaner roundtrips with editing software (incl PS).

  35. one thing i would like to see is convert any photo in lightroom to a jpeg. i have a lot of raw files in lightroom that i would like to keep organized in lightroom but not take up a lot of space.

  36. I would like to see the import more like Photo Mechanic where I can use variables to import to a primary and secondary folder automatically every time and build the structure if needed. I use {year4}/{month0}/{day0} to put each days shoot in folder in the proper month and in the proper year. As days, months and year change this keeps the structure the same and I never have to worry bout it. I also would like to see the import naming like Photo Mechanic in that I can use variables to do {year4}{month0}{day0}_{frame}_{model or serialnum}. This allows me to keep track of the cameras used without worry about over-writing an image. All this is done automatically to both the primary and secondary location. I rename folders in LR latter and add job names and after I select the keepers I rename those with the job name and sequence number..

  37. Treat RAW and JPEG as coupled files

    In Preferences – Import Options I would like to see an additional option under Treat RAW and JPEG as separate files that says something like Treat RAW and JPEG as coupled files.

    In LR the RAW file would be the file that shows as the “upper”. For tag management, tagging the RAW also applies tag to the companion JPEG. A right click would allow side by side comparison with RAW vs. jpeg, or export of jpeg (sometimes I find jpegs that do a nice job of handling tonality that I’d like to consider when editing the RAW file.) Something like Export all jpegs in a collection would be very handy.

    disclaimer: I’m a relatively new LR2 user so my comments might reflect a lack of knowledge on my part, but I’m rather frustrated with what seems a glaring divide between LR either not allowing separate handling of jpegs — treating them as sidecars — or treating them as completely separate files for tagging and related file handling, which requires duplication of tagging effort, and the possibility of orphaned jpegs or RAWS.

  38. Why don’t you take this survey one step further,
    have someone compile a list, then ask us to ‘vote’ on the features we would most like.

    I know I’d vote for the ability to use lightroom over a network at the top of my list.

    Thank you.

  39. 3 wishes:

    1) Add a grid to the Lens Correction Manual Operation

    2) Add a new brush that allows you to brush in a pre-selected white balance other then what the over all image is.

    3) Add the ability to add extra text boxes to print & Slide Show Modular.

  40. Some great suggestions here, two more:

    (1) Minor added functionality to the Print module allowing for album/book design. A crucial step is allowing to save a layout with the images in it.

    (2) Presets available in the Library module.

  41. Glad to see Adobe is listening to us.
    Shame I didn’t get to comment on friday’s post. There’s something I’ve been wanting since LR1: The possibility to straighten a photo at 100% zoom view. Because honestly, I can’t even count the times I find myself straightening a photo throught some really small references of it.

  42. Adobe need to take a look at downloader pro from this is fantastic and so flexible at importing photos from your card or camera, it enables you to add meta data, GPS way points, job codes, custom folders & file names.. the list goes on… I use this before I import into Lightroom on Windows but now that I have moved from the dark-side to OS X there doesn’t seem to be a solution out there that’s as flexible as downloader pro…

  43. I can’t believe Scott’s favorites don’t include a wish for improving keywording and keyword search.

    Just about very guest blogger we’ve heard from mentions keywording in their workflow so I know it’s a big topic … and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels it could be improved by the UI geniuses out there!

    Let’s see autotagging by face recognition better and faster than iphoto and picasa. Let’s see direct keyword entry when hovering on thumbnails. (spraycan works but with too many delays)… and let’s see it on the import dialog.
    Let’s see advanced keyword search options.


  44. I second Paul’s request for import improvements, along the lines of Breeze System’s Downloader Pro. Even something as simple as automatically picking an import preset based on the camera serial # embedded in the pictures on the card just inserted would be a tremendous improvement.

  45. Hey there!
    Just a question related to feature list of Lightroom and Bridge:
    I know Bridge can access the results of edits in LR with “write to xmp” on, but does this apply to virtual copies? That is, I haven’t been able to make it work, but I am not a pro in using LR*, so there might be a way I don’t know of…
    *Also, I use LR2 & CS4, and this might be implemented in LR3 & CS5
    Technically I would imagine this to be a Bridge feature, but it might be tied to how Lightroom exports/writes changes to xmp.
    The reason for asking is that I use LR to edit and manage photos, but when doing collages and things of that nature in PS I tend to access files via Bridge (and rare cases Finder), and since I can not find out how to do this, I thought this would be a good place to pop the question…

  46. I would like to be able to set a default aspect ration when cropping. If I am editing and want all rations set to 5×7 let me set it and forget for that project.

    Bill Carter

  47. “Eric
    “I would like to have the possebillity to use the lens correction Profiles from CS5 and/or to include new created ones.””
    Why not a store all presets/profiles in a folder shared by all adobe applications that can use them, seems handy to me at least. Just a thought i had when reading the post :)

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