Zack Arias Joins Photoshop World Instructor “Dream Team”

zackariassmI am just totally psyched to announced that we’ve added a brilliant new instructor to the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Orlando; the one, the only, Zack Arias!!!!

The whole NAPP crew is buzzing about having Zack on board, as he is just a fantastic instructor, super-talented photographer, and he brings a whole new perspective and teaching style to Photoshop World and we just couldn’t be more excited!

He’s teaching two sessions during the conference:

(1) Many Uses of a White Seamless Background
“Live” demo of shooting and post production. You’ll learn how to get the most out of one simple background. Zack will be showing students how to properly light a white seamless background to achieve looks from pure white to pure black and any shade in between.

After a “live” shooting demo, he will walk you through simple steps in post-production to further enhance images shot on a roll of white seamless. This workshop is based on his very popular blog series of the same name.

(2) Stuff You Need to Know to Be a Photographer
So you want to be a photographer? Here’s some stuff you HAVE to know: technique, light, and marketing. With all of the information on the Web today about how to be a better photographer, Zack hits on areas that aren’t being discussed as much as they need to be. Are these the cards that pro photographers are still keeping tight to their chest? Possibly. It may also be due to the fact that many who share are also busy shooting and don’t have the time to help.

Zack will cover his favorite parts from his Photo 101 workshop: understanding your meter, knowing which lens to use, finding light, modifying light, and finally marketing yourself.

If you haven’t had a chance to learn from Zack, (who coincidentally still holds the #1 most-commented guest post, or any post for that matter, here on my blog), he really cuts through the bull and just tells it like it is (ask anybody who has taken one of his classes, or bought his “One Light Workshop” DVDs—this guy is the real deal!

Here’s a link to Zack excellent blog, and I hope you’ll be there at Photoshop World in Orlando this March 24-26th (link) when he takes the stage.

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