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I ran across this old photo of me (above) taken back in 1981. It was shot in my first apartment (in a then-new apartment complex in Tampa, Florida called "The Cove"). I'm playing a white Les Paul knock-off, and there's a beautiful wood-grain Kramer Bass Guitar (with an aluminum neck) on the floor behind me, which I dearly loved, but sadly a year later it was stolen by my then-girlfriend's brother (that's a whole 'nuther story). I'm also wearing my beloved "Eastern Airlines" t-shirt under (wait for it, wait for it.....) a gray "Members Only" jacket. Man, was I stylin' or what! ;-) Now (once the laughter subsides), it's time for the news: Hey, how about Justin Paguia's awesome blog post yesterday (the crowd cheers!)? I was very impressed---not just with his excellent techniques, but with the fact that he really shared his process,…

First and foremost, thank you to Mr. Scott Kelby for letting me steal some of the spotlight this week and also to Douglas Sonders.  If you do not remember or have not seen Doug’s guest blog, check it out here.  With that being said, let’s begin.

For this session, I’m going to break down the steps and go through the methodology of how I created the S.W.A.T. piece below:

As mentioned before, Doug showed the S.W.A.T. shot in his blog and many people asked how I did it.

....someone I think you guys are going to totally's Justin Paguia (the Special Effects Retoucher for popular photographer, and previous special guest blogger Douglas Sonders). I have to thank the amazing Brad Moore for this, as he was able to pull off having Justin do this follow-up to Douglas's original post (which was a huge hit here on the blog), and what I love about what Justin did is; he revealed exactly what he did, step-by-step, in the post processing of one of the main images featured in Douglas' original post. He did exactly what I hoped he would do (something most retouchers guard so intently and rarely reveal), and he shares it all here tomorrow, so make sure you check back and learn from this master special effects retoucher.

You guys know I'm really paranoid and a bit obsessive about protecting my image collection, which is why I (and a bunch of my friends) all switched our photo archiving drives to a Drobo (I'm a Drobo freak, and actually have two: one at home, and a duplicate offsite at my office). This week, I'm talking to Terry White (another Drobo freak), and I'm talking to him about needed more storage space (this talk brought about by 45GB worth of Indy photos in one weekend), and we basically both determine that I need to "man up" and get a second Drobo. Then I get a call yesterday from DataRobotics to let me know that they are announcing the answer to my prayers today---DroboPro. This is a "Business Class" robotic storage solution that lets you have double the storage bays of the original Drobo (So…

Hi gang: Thanks for all your emails and comments yesterday (and for understanding when I put up such a brief Monday post). I've had so many questions about the shoot from friends, readers, co-workers, and everybody in-between, I thought I'd just dive right in and get to answering them, so here goes: Q. How did you get a media pass to shoot this event (or sporting events in general)? A. Big time sporting events only make a limited number of photo passes available for each event (called "Media Credentials"), and to get one of those passes you generally have to be with a legitimate recognized media outlet (a major newspaper, print magazine, major website [like,, etc.], or a wire service, like AP or US SportsWire). Also, they want to know that you're there covering their event for the magazine, so just saying,…

Hi gang: I am so incredibly tired, after three days of non-stop shooting in the hot sun, starting at 7:30 am, and shooting literally thousands of shots, I'm am just plain tuckered out. I didn't have time to put any shots together, so I threw together this thumbnail grid in Lightroom of just a few shots that mix the fun with the action (click on it for a larger view). Tomorrow I'm going to do a more in-depth post, with lots of details about shooting an event like this, but tonight---I just wanna go to bed! Thanks for putting up with "lame mini-blog Monday" but I should be back in form tomorrow, so I'll see you then. -Scott Zzzzzzzzzz