It’s “Embarrassing Photo Thursday” (along with some news stuff)


I ran across this old photo of me (above) taken back in 1981. It was shot in my first apartment (in a then-new apartment complex in Tampa, Florida called “The Cove”). I’m playing a white Les Paul knock-off, and there’s a beautiful wood-grain Kramer Bass Guitar (with an aluminum neck) on the floor behind me, which I dearly loved, but sadly a year later it was stolen by my then-girlfriend’s brother (that’s a whole ‘nuther story). I’m also wearing my beloved “Eastern Airlines” t-shirt under (wait for it, wait for it…..) a gray “Members Only” jacket. Man, was I stylin’ or what! ;-)

Now (once the laughter subsides), it’s time for the news:

  • Hey, how about Justin Paguia’s awesome blog post yesterday (the crowd cheers!)? I was very impressed—not just with his excellent techniques, but with the fact that he really shared his process, step-by-step—the full thing from beginning to end. I loved it, and I think Justin just got a whole new legion of fans, and admirers of his brilliant Photoshop work. Thanks Justin, for sharing with my readers without holding back.
  • USA Today did a piece on Joe McNally yesterday (which included cameos by Friend of the Blog Syl Arena, and the amazing David Hobby). You gotta read it—here’s the link.
  • Nikon released version 2.2, a free update to Capture NX 2. For a list of what’s new (and links to the free download), jump over to Moose’s News Blog (here’s that link).
  • My buddy Jeff Rease posted a cute, short video clip of him and I shooting up in Birmingham at the Indy Test Weekend. Jeff took some kick-butt images, and also managed to catch me goofing off. Here’s the link.
  • Moose Peterson and RC Concepcion’s “You Can Do It, Too!” workshop is coming up in just one week, and if you want to learn from these two masters, here’s the link to more details on a workshop that can really have a big impact on your career and your success marketing your work.

That’s it for today folks. See you back here tomorrow for some Friday wrap-up stuff. Have a great one! (And stop laughing. That’s how we wore our hair back then).

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