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It’s time for a fresh bowl of crunchy news nuggets (now with more lightly sweetened multi-grain oat clusters, and added Beta-carotene):

  • Now, I haven’t had a chance to research this one myself, but one of my readers posted a comment about a “Photographer’s Rights Protest” (scheduled to take place on June 1st, in LA). Here’s what he wrote: “Photographers throughout Los Angeles, with cameras in hand, will gather at Hollywood and Highland and Union Station to peacefully rally against the unnecessary treatment they have received from security guards, LAPD, and LASD while photographing in public places, and on the Metro.” They’ve set up a flickr group with more info, and you can find it by clicking here.
  • Another one of my readers, and frequent posters, Paulo is hosting a “Photo Walk” in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida next month, and everyone’s invited. Here’s the link to more info.
  • Came across another review of my recent Hartford, CT seminar. Here’s that link.
  • Peachpit Press did kind of a cool video promo for Joe McNally’s smash-bestselling book, The Moment It Clicks, where they asked some of the Photoshop World instructors (myself included) what was the “moment that clicked for you.” If you’ve got a quick minute, check ’em out right here.
  • Photoshop Rapper “Matt Matty Matte” did something unusual this weekend; he blogged. That’s right, he did a one-minute video tutorial on a cool brushing feature in the Lightroom 2 Public Beta (on Friday, he also talked about the “Invite a friend to the Beta program” thing), so make sure you check it out at LightroomKillerTips.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the end of “No-Blog Wednesdays!” :)




When I was up in New York a couple of weekends ago to take that workshop from Lou Manna, I got the incredible opportunity to spend the day before shooting the streets of New York with a true living legend; Jay Maisel.

I’ll describe it to you the same way I described it to my wife; I told her ⦔it was like spending the day in a documentary.” Each corner we turned, he had another fascinating story. Each street we walked, there was another photography lesson, or just a lesson about life. He shared stories of old New York, people he knew, people he shot, advice he had been given, jobs he’d taken, and I did my best to pick up on every little nugget he threw out.

We were barely out of his building when he pointed out my first mistake. We were going out to shoot the people of New York, and Jay had this very small, inconspicuous lens. I, on the otherhand, had a large fast lens with an even larger lens hood. Jay asked me, “Which is going to be more intimidating to people on the street? Your camera or mine?”

He then added a colorful analogy that clearly explained the correlation between the time it takes a New Yorker to grab your camera and (ahem) shove it in an area where things were designed to exit, and the size of the lens you’re pointing at them. I immediately got the point, but all I could do was take off the lens hood and turn it around, so it didn’t extend nearly as far. We hadn’t even left the building, and I already knew I wouldn’t make that mistake again.


I’ve been getting so many questions, and requests for more information on the Westcott Spiderlite TD5 lighting Kit that I used on my Lightroom Live! Tour, that we put together a short demo video (below) to show them in action, and tell you the story of how I wound up using the TD5’s, and how my “Scott Kelby Studio Kit” works during a live portrait shoot.

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Here’s a couple of quickies to wrap up the week:

  • First, thanks to my blog reader Bill Dragga, who sent me the hilarious movie poster spoof you see above (and was kind enough to allow me to post it here), based on Matt, RC, and my experience at the tripod-weary Marriott Marquis in Times Square. I love it! (The poster; not the Marriott).
  • My hats off to the Weekly Photo Tips blog; This upcoming Memorial Day weekend their regular blog will be coming down to be replaced with a slideshow to honor American soldiers who have “gone on ahead.” Make sure you visit there now (they’re calling for readers to submit photos for the slideshow), and then make it a special point to return on Memorial Day to see their tribute.
  • Saw a quick review of my Hartford, CT CS3 Power Tour seminar, complete with a before/after technique from the seminar. (Here’s the link). There was also a review over at the ZenDog blog (here’s that link).
  • Congratulations to the incredible master bloggomanic David Ziser, of who just posted his 1,000th blog post. For most of us, that feat would take approximately three to four years, but David has done it in just 10 months! I just don’t know how he does it, but I’m sure glad he does. Thanks David, for bringing so much top quality content, insight, and advice to our community.
  • My thanks for the 640pixels blog for including my blog in their “5 Websites Every Photographer Should Visit Often” listing. Here’s the link.
  • Ignore this (unless you’re Mike): Hey Mike; I’m coming to see you—have you lined up a cool shoot yet?

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody; take your camera out for a great spring shooting; keep showing those pixels who’s boss, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. :)


It’s Thursday, and I’m back, baby! Here’s waz up:

  • First, thanks to everybody who came out Tuesday (over 500 of you) to my first ever seminar in Hartford, Connecticut, including Marcin Grzybek, (shown above), who went and had this custom t-shirt made to wear to the seminar. I met so many great folks (including a lot of folks who read this blog; a quick shout out to Jeff, Doug, Bob, Joe and Joe, and Alicia). We’ll definitely be coming back to Hartford in the near future (great town, great facility, and lots of great, really enthusiastic Photoshop maniacs! I loved it!) In a semi-related note; Rob over at Towner Jones Photography (the guy who set up the CafePress site with the slogan available on t-shirts), said they are selling like hotcakes!
  • Each Thursday we post a new online training class at Kelby but today we’ve posted two; Photoshop Layer Styles (link), taught by the amazing Corey Barker, and “From Photo to Graphic Art” (link) from Photoshop World instructor Lesa Snyder King. Plus, this last past week we had the famous Rick Sammon in for an entire week of live on location classes, shooting out in the field, and we’ll be getting some of his classes up shortly. Check out the new stuff right here.
  • Make sure you check out this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV as our in-studio special guest is David DuChemin (from the Pixelated Image), and he gives some great tips on travel photography. Here’s the link (you can watch it right there online).
  • I saw a really cute post over at about me blogging about them a week or so ago, and what they call “The Kelby Bump.” Here’s the link.
  • A great post over at the Hirlpoo blog about photographers getting harassed for taking photos, called “The Crackdown is Coming,” (which includes an account of my Marriott Marquis security guard thingy), but more importantly; there’s a link there to download a PDF about a photographer’s rights to shoot in public places. Definitely worth checking out (and downloading); right here.
  • New Riders (the folks who publish my “Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers,” and who are part of the Peachpit Press family), are hosting the 2nd annual, “Voices That Matter Conference,” coming up June 10-13, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference features a who’s who of Web Design authors and trainers, including Garr Reynolds (who wrote the smash hit book, Presentation Zen), and Steve Krug, author of the bestselling Don’t Make Me Think!, among others. Here’s a link for more details.
  • Also, today is “Back Up Your Lightroom Catalog” Thursday, so if you haven’t backed up your catalog in a while; go under the Lightroom menu (on Mac), or the File Menu (on PC) and choose Catalog Settings. From the Back Up pop-up menu choose “Next Time Lightroom Starts Only” then Quit Lightroom, and relaunch. When it asks if you want to backup the catalog, click Backup. You’ll sleep better tonight.

That’s it for today, gang. We’ll see you tomorrow with some more stuff!