Catch My Interview with DesignByFirgs


Firgs has been running a series of behind-the-scenes interview with some of the folks on our team at NAPP Headquarters, including everyone from our Social Media Ninja Nancy Massé to my assistant Kathy Siler (the woman with quite possibly the hardest job in the world), and she even did an interview with the man, the myth, the legend—“Vanelli.

All the questions come from readers, so they’re not your usual questions (or answers), and you can read mine right here.

Thanks Firgs for asking me, and creating such a fun series.

  1. Totally with you on that Scott (or should I say ‘Chuck’…lol); Firgs has put together a superb series of interviews with questions asked that you generally don’t see, so definitely worth checking out!

    I know I for one have asked the question how you seem to get so much done in a day; if only there really was a ‘clone’ tool; I guess Kathy Siler would be first on the list.


    1. Hi Zack! :) Scott’s interview was actually posted at 12:30am CST today/last night. I’m unable to update the links page until the interview goes live, so I have to wait until the next morning.

      All is well and updated now! :) Thanks for checking things out.

      And Scott, thanks so much for posting this here and agreeing to be part of my crazy idea! I love that you all were such great sports with such wacky questions. Just goes to show you how much NAPP ROCKS!!! :D

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