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  • My “Best of 2009” Picks

    Jan 4th, 2010  |  74 Comments

    Hi everybody—-welcome to 2010. I’m back after a wild weekend shooting a College Bowl game and an NFL game (more on those tomorrow), but to kick off the New Year, I present my first ever “Best of 2009 Awards.” It’s important to note right up front that I didn’t say “Best photography gear” or “BestContinue…

  • Happy New Year!!!!!

    Jan 1st, 2010  |  40 Comments

    A friend of mind emailed me this thought, and I’m passing it on to you: “2010 is an unwritten chapter…love deeply, live boldly, and go after something big!” I think that’s fantastic advice for starting off this New Year. :) Here’s wishing you all a Happy, Safe and Prosperous 2010!!!! All my best, -Scott

  • Anything Cool Under Your Tree?

    Dec 28th, 2009  |  263 Comments

    Hi everybody. Welcome back, and I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas!!!! If you’re wondering about the camera gear I got for Christmas, well…. here’s the thing: I didn’t get any. None. Zippo. Zilch! I must be really hard to buy for when it comes to camera gear, because most everybody got me guitarContinue…

  • Merry Christmas (from some very special friends)

    Dec 25th, 2009  |  13 Comments

    I got this card from the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya and thought you guys would really enjoy it on this Christmas Day. May your Christmas be filled with love and laughter, and may your home by filled with peace, health, and happiness in the New Year. Merry Christmas!!!!! -Scott

  • An Unexpected Christmas Song From My Wife, Kalebra

    Dec 24th, 2009  |  128 Comments

    Below is an audio clip of “The Christmas Song,” made by my wife on her iPhone (that’s her and I above at Vegas Photoshop World—photo by Mike Kubeisy), using her iPhone’s built-in Recorder App (which is normally used for making voice memos), but how it came to be is what makes it special (and it’sContinue…

  • Friday News Quickies

    Dec 18th, 2009  |  12 Comments

    First, I have to thank our wonderful guest blogger this week: Trey Ratcliff. Any time a Guest Blog post garners nearly 100 comments, you know it spoke to a lot of people on a lot of levels. Trey once again reminded me why the Guest Blogging thing is so awesome, so thanks Trey. New iPhoneContinue…

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