On Photo Challenges

  • Issue #8 of “Light It Magazine” (our iPad-based magazine on hot shoe flash and studio lighting) is here! (The Android Version is now in Beta)

    Jun 26th, 2012  |  20 Comments

    The new issue of “Light It Magazine” (issue #8) is out, and available in Apple’s Newsstand App on the iPad (it’s only $2.99. Crazy cheap!), and (BIG NEWS) we are currently beta-testing the Android version and so far the testing is going great (the mag looks and works great — just a couple more thingsContinue…

  • It’s My “Old School Photo Challenge”

    May 28th, 2010  |  112 Comments

    First, watch the video below which explains the challenge, and the five things you need to do to complete the challenge, which is actually designed to stretch your creativity and give you a greater appreciation of the photographers who came before digital. So, start by watching this short video now: So, what you’re going toContinue…

  • Are You Ready For a Challenge?

    May 27th, 2010  |  34 Comments

    Tomorrow I’m going to reveal something really new, fun, and challenging: It’s something we’ll be doing together every month, but each time it will be somewhat different (it’s not the Worldwide Photo Walk, but news on that is coming soon). This is something that will help us all expand our photographic skills, our Photoshop skills,Continue…