15% Off from Lens Pro To Go!

Have you been eyeballing that 70-200mm f/2.8 lens for a while?  How about the new Nikon D7000 or Canon 7D?  Now is the time to try out the object of your desire, because our friends over at Lens Pro To Go are offering a 15% discount on all seven-day (or longer) rentals this month!

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, just enter the discount code FEB15 during checkout.

While you’re there, also make sure you check out their sister site, StudioShare.org!

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  1. Paul and his team over at Lens Pro to Go are the best. I live about 20 minutes away. Their studio space rocks! I highly recommend them if you are looking for rentals, even purchases of used equipment.

  2. Tried using the discount code to rent a couple lenses I have had my eye on. Didn’t accept it. Copied straight from your blog, but no luck. Suggestions?

  3. Great deal! I may have to try them out.

    @Bob DeChiara: Thanks for the tip that they sell used gear. May investigate that route as well. The wallet only stretches so far these days…..


    1. John as of now the pickens are slim as a lot of their used products have already been sold. They have their big sale periodically. You just have to keeping checking their website for the announcement.

  4. I have rented lenses, flashes and cameras from these guys on many occasions. They have a great selection, high availability and I always receive a lens in pristine condition. A great way to evaluate a lens prior to purchase, or to augment that special photo shoot.

    I am in love with the Canon 400mm DO lens, but it just doesn’t make sense for me to own it when I can rent it for a month for like 1/10th the cost of owning it!

    I will be renting a tilt/shift from them in the very near future.

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