Seven Things You’ve Been Asking About

In January you guys posted more than 1,700 Comments
I just went back and added up the number of comments posted by readers from Jan 3rd to Feb 1st, and it was a whopping 1,730 (although 1540 of those were from Ken Toney). ;-)  I was just astounded at the community you guys have built, and I want you to know that I read each and every one. Because I see your comments, I wanted to answer some of the questions I see popping up again and again that aren’t specific to that particular post. However, before I do I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to share your comments, and especially to thank you for keeping your comments positive and making this a place where everybody’s treated with respect, and people don’t get flamed (or even lightly toasted).

(1) Q. Did you ever get your monopod replaced?
A. As it turns out, getting my monopod broken was the best thing that happened to me at that game. When I posted the story about Packer’s Quarterback Aaron Rodgers breaking my monopod during his touchdown dive (link), the folks at Really Right Stuff (the people who make my beloved BH-40 and BH-55 Ball Heads, which I cannot live without), graciously overnighted me their brand new, super-heavy duty MC-34 Carbon Fiber Monopod (shown above, on the Photoshop User TV set, where I’m telling the story—photo by Brad Moore), which is awesome! Incredibly well built (I’m not sure Rodgers could even take this one out), and it’s getting its first workout next week. That was truly cool of the Really Right Stuff crew.

Then, last Friday I got to speak at Manfrotto Distribution’s Annual Sales Meeting up in New York. They’re the folks behind a lot of the gear I use on a daily basis, including Elinchrom lighting, Lasto modifiers, Avenger stands, and (wait for it, wait for it), Gitzo tripods and monopods.

I’ve done presentations before in their tradeshow booth, but this time they had invited me to do a presentation to their distributors on how I use their gear in my own photography. So, I did a similar presentation to the one I do in their booth for the public, but then I ended with a quick portrait retouch (that’s me in mid retouch above—photo by Will Holowka), and then I ended with a short football photography slideshow.

After I was done, they presented me with not only a replacement for my broken Gitzo monopod, but the replacement was their upgraded model; the Gitzo GM3551 6X Caron Fiber Monopod, which is built like a tank. I don’t think a Packer’s lineman could take this puppy out. This all worked out much better than I could have ever hoped, because now not only do I have two awesome monopods, but I took the $220 Aaron Rodgers gave me, bought some whiskey, and went Honky Tonkin’. ;-)

(2) Q. Where’s the Kelby Training iPad App?
A. Every time I see that comment, which is now daily by the way, I cringe because I don’t have a decent answer. We have run into more hurdles with this project than you can imagine, and every time I think we’re a week away from releasing it, a new issue pops up in a different area. I can tell you we do have Beta versions in-house on our own iPads where we’re testing it, but there’s a reason it’s still in Beta—it’s not quite ready for release. This is one complex puppy, but once it’s lept over every hurdle, it’s going to be awesome. But until it is released, I’m in full cringe mode. Just know, it’s at the top of our list of projects, and I want it as badly as you guys do. Maybe more.

(3) Q. When’s the next Annual World Wide Photo Walk?
A. We haven’t picked the exact date again, but I imagine it will be approximately around the same time frame (late summer, so it’s really hot outside), but as soon as we nail down a date, I’ll be releasing that date here for sure.

(4) Q. When is the new Season of D-Town TV going to air?
A. OK, you have to keep this under wraps, but it’s been delayed a few weeks because we are launching an awesome new show in the next couple of weeks that I think you all will love. I can’t reveal all the details yet, but in the meantime it looks like D-Town TV will kick off its new season next week, but with some changes, which will be revealed in that first episode. It’s all good stuff, so stay tuned.

(5) Q. When is Jay Maisel’s new class going to be released? What about Jeremy Cowart’s 2nd class?
A. Good news: Jay’s class (which is incredible by the way) is almost out of editing, and should be up within just a few weeks. I am excited to tell you that Jeremy’s 2nd class is set to be released later today (his first class was one of our most-watched classes of the year, even though it didn’t come out until October). That’s Jeremy above, in a photo taken by RC yesterday at our studios where Jeremy was recording videos on how he does his Photoshop post-production. This is part of his upcoming online class where we went on location to Nashville to tape him doing an album cover shoot with a big name band. An amazing teaching opportunity from an amazing photographer and instructor.

(6) Q. When are you going to release an iPad App for “Photo Recipes, Part 2?”
A. The App is actually produced by my book’s Publisher, the fine folks over at Peachpit Press, and I imagine we’re probably just a few months away from its iPad release. I’ll let you guys know as soon as I hear anything concrete, but so far I haven’t heard a proposed ship date.

(7) Q. So Scott, are you shooting the SuperBowl?
A. Man, I wish. Unfortunately, I’ll be just watching the game at home, but luckily I’ll be surrounded by friends who all wish they were shooting it too, so we can drown our sorrows in yummy football food, while we scream at the TV (all wearing our Bears logo gear. We were so close!). Now, although Football season is just about officially over, I have a feeling it might be time for an NBA shoot this coming week. :-)

So, there you have it. Some quick answers to those lingering questions. Thanks again to everyone who posted comments and joined in the discussion this year. I love reading your comments, and commenting back when I have the chance. Have a great weekend everybody and we’ll see you here next week.

      1. Andrew:

        I don’t think it matters…I think Scott and Ken have a deal where Scott holds all posts until Ken makes his first post, thereby always guaranteeing Ken’s top dog status! :D


      2. What is funny (or weird) the last 2 times Scott did a 2:00am post I just woke up and checked the IPad and it had been uploaded within a min! I must have ESPN or something. :)

  1. Okay, on the premise that you DO read these comments, and you’re wrapping a bunch of “evergreen” comments for your reply today, here’s one I’ll bet you get: When are you going to upgrade the interface of Kelby Training subscription training? It is really cumbersome, and I say ugly words every time I log on to start a session. I’m sure you check out the competition out there, and I must say, you guys are NOT in the top of the pack. We’ve been patient, but soon it’s time to reward us with an upgraded interface!

    Other than that, you guys are perfect! (Actually, I’m just sucking up with that last comment, hoping it will encourage you to boost our interface on Kelby Training).

    Thanks for all!

    1. Hi Lon:
      First, I totally agree with you. Totally. The good news is; we’re about to go from worst to first. My web team has been hard at work on a total from the ground-up redesign, and we’ll have a beta version at the end of this month, so hang in there. :)


      1. Scott, That is really good news!!!
        Lon’s comments are right on and I’ve been hoping that you would get the Kelby Training site up to the caliber of all your other terrific offerings before I totally blew my stack one day.
        Go web team!!

      2. Well, since the conversation is started, I’ll throw in a request to have the photo walk on a Sunday. Saturdays don’t work for everyone.

        I’m sure most people prefer Saturday, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with switching it up one year every now and then!
        Thanks for your consideration, and for this great blog!

      3. Do you also plan to create a search option so we can search for specific videos…like one on the D3 for example. Just got a D3 and looked for a video to get up to speed on features. I eventually found one (and it was awesome), but finding it was a challenge…I just wanted to be able type “d3” into a search field. BTW thanks or always soliciting our feedback, listening, and taking action…it is what makes you guys the best!

  2. Hey Scott, I know this may seem silly, since we can always go out and do a “photowalk” whenever we like, but since none of ’em are like the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, I was wondering if you might take all of us Wedding Photographers into account and schedule it for a Sunday this year instead of a Saturday? I really wanted to be a part of it last year and the year before but was covering someone’s ‘nuptuals as it’s prime wedding season in July. I have several friends who expressed a similar frustration. Just some food for thought :)

  3. Thanks for the answers! I have another iPad-related question. I can see in my iPad browser (Safari) your blog’s videos, but not the KelbyTV ones (DtownTV, PhotoshopUserTV, etc). Is it possible to use the same non-flash video player in both sites?

  4. Thanks mate for all the updates.
    I’m looking forward to the new D-Town & the SuperBowl.
    Yes there are a few of us in Australia that love to watch the SuperBowl.

  5. I think it’s a really cool thing you guys are doing with all the coverage of photo/photoshop related things in this still growing community.
    Keep it up! I think 2011 is gonna be an interesting year, things are happening really fast in this business nowadays and it’s up to everyone to try to keep up, if they want to.

    Looking forward to see new classes on kelbytraining! Here’s an idea, why not try to find some more photographers that is working in a more photojournalistic way like Maisel.
    It’s quite obvious

  6. I think it’s a really cool thing you guys are doing with all the coverage of photo/photoshop related things in this still growing community.
    Keep it up! I think 2011 is gonna be an interesting year, things are happening really fast in this business nowadays and it’s up to everyone to try to keep up, if they want to.

    Looking forward to see new classes on kelbytraining!
    Here’s an idea, why not try to find some more photographers that is working in a more photojournalistic way, kinda like Maisel.
    It’s quite obvious that it isn’t just me that wants to see more of this.
    It would be great to see some more of this in contrast to all of the perfect pictures with perfect lighting in studio or on location.
    I am working alot with magazines and i am creating these kinds of pictures myself, but i still love documentary photography.

  7. Thanks for all you do Scott. I love the updates and love the instruction and incite that you always share.

    Also I would love to see classes on kelbytraining possibly that teach some of us more about the process of capturing video with our DSLR, more the process than just the work-flow?

  8. Not fair! I’m still saving my allowance to buy a decent monopod, and when you get your fancy one bronken you get 2 for free! hahaha you know, where I live a monopod and a ball head worths more 2 months of work.. (full wage, cannot spend a penny) and the stores do not have those cool ones.. ;/

  9. Hi Scott

    WOW with your busy schedule it’s impressive that you take the time to read all the posts. Especially since I see some days you get a BUNCH. This is the first blog I read every day and enjoy it a lot.

    Lon certainly is entitled to his opinion about Kelby training however as a subscriber to Kelby Training and I can tell you that I enjoy being able to watch a training video all the way through without having to restart the player after every chapter.

    So there is always room for improvement in most things we do but in my view Kelby training does a great job and now that you’ve been adding more classes and a lot of new instructors it just keeps getting better. I like the new stuff from Frank D.

    Thanks for all the education. My only real complaint is that because of you I have developed a chronic case of NAS. Bad enough for a professional but could be fatal for an amateur. :)

    Enjoy the weekend. Go Packers!!

  10. Just to reiterate Scott’s iPad Kelby Training app thoughts, we are literally working on the app and the infrastructure behind the app 24/7 and it -is- coming along, just not as fast as we would have liked. As you can imagine, the Kelby Training app brings an extensive video library to the app store, and because of this reason Apple loops it in with the same video restrictions needed for Netflix, Hulu, ABC videos, and the like. Setting up video servers to distribute content using the Apple defined protocol HTTP Live Streaming is unfortunately not a simple task.

    But we remain vigalent! We want this app just as much as you do (if not more by this point!)


  11. I’m looking forward to this year’s Photowalk, but I’ll make a suggestion if I might. You mentioned it would be in late summer when it’s hot as h*ll in the northern hemisphere. At the same time it’s going to be cold as a witch’s (never mind) in Capetown, SA. Any chance you would consider splitting the difference and doing the walk in something like May or September when its cooler all around? Thanks

      1. Yes, spring or fall would be perfect for the walk. Last year we did our walk at 6am-8am in the morning and it was still way too hot here in Arizona.

      2. How about one in the Southern Hemisphere and one in the Northern Hemisphere with one common judging ‘cos you’re never going to please everyone;-)

  12. Scott:

    Thanks for all the updates on these questions. As a faithful reader of your blog, it does get a bit tiresome to read those same questions over and over again (alright, I’ll come clean….I probably asked the D-Town question at one point in the past two weeks!).

    Jon-Mark’s suggestion on having the WWPW on a Sunday is an excellent one! Saturday’s can be tough to schedule around, especially if you work in retail (it’s why I missed the first one).

    Tell Brad to upgrade your “My Gear” section and add the new RRS monopod!

    You’re shooting an NBA game? You do realize that those NBA players are BIGGER than Aaron Rodgers and sometimes land on the photographers as they complete a lay-up, don’t you? You like to live life on the edge, don’t you, Mr. Kelby? :D Guess you’ll put one of the monpods to the test….just make sure Brad pimps it out for us, so we can catch the collision on SportsCenter!

    Have a great weekend,


    1. Scott:

      I’d be remiss in not mentioning that Brad should be commended on that brilliant picture of the Photoshop Guys! Look at the juxtapostion of Matt’s American Eagle shirt and Dave’s Canada shirt! :D


  13. Scott,

    Thanks for taking the time to read our comments AND to provide answers. I can’t believe how busy you must be, hopefully you get to sleep a little. ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  14. I’m looking forward to your NBA shots. I need to go find your old NBA post where you talked about using a chair. I just started shooting youth basketball and my back would appreciate it if I had some kind of chair to use while setting behind the basket. If memory serves you mentioned back then what kind of chair the regular NBA shooters used and where they could be purchased.

    1. OK, after lots of searching and reading the older posts & comments I see that no specific brands/models or links were ever listed, but I did find that it was the type of chair used in canoes. Earlier online searches for “portable”, “folding”, or “floor” chairs hadn’t done much good, but a search at amazon for “canoe” chair did the trick!

  15. Thanks for the update on the Kelby Training App. I have been impatiently holding off in joining simply because I am not around my computer nearly as much as my iPad. Once the app is available, I know where my downtime will be spent!

  16. OK, I’ve got a question I haven’t seen asked before (but probably has been). Scott, have you ever thought of hosting your own workshop for photography? I think it would be a smash success. I’d love to be a participant of that.

  17. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for spending the time to answer the questions … personally, I don’t know when you have time to read all these posts!:-) Your blog is the first one I read every morning to get my daily fix of Photo stuff! I’ve learned a great deal from your blog, NAPP, Kelby Training, and folks on this blog!

    Thanks again, and keep up the SUPER job! One of these days I’ll make it to Photoshop World and personally say HI!


  18. Kelby Training has always been a great resource for my education process with PSTV, DTown, books and Kelby training but I would love to see some live class here in Memphis, TN. It is so hard to get to Nashville when on rare occasion someone goes there. Every event in Memphis (the few we get) are always sold out because of the huge draw from west Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.

    Remember, we have the world’s best pork BBQ and the true home of the Blues…

  19. Scott, I have 2 suggestions for training:

    1. How to use a tilt/shift lens (maybe Laurie Excell or Brian Matiash)

    2. Star trails and time lapse photography, and how to process (maybe Moose)

    That would be CAKB! Ken

    1. Seeing a thing on astrophotography in general would be cool, but maybe too niche. A lot of it is done with specially cooled point and shoots with stacked images. Getting a good tracking equatorial mount is also a pain. Hence why I don’t do it. :)

      1. Ok, scratch #2, I still would like to see an in the field tutorial video using the tilt/shift lens!

  20. Oh Ken and his 1540 comments… And 1500 fo them in first place, should I say.

    If I go down to Florida this summer, I’ll drop by just to bother you guys for a bit =P

    Thanks for the fun posts scott, read your blog, and comment on it, it’s really a pleasure.

  21. Hey Scott,
    Just a reminder, you “promised” to share with us a panning technique you learned when you were shooting auto racing last summer. I’m patiently awaiting but I won’t forget.

  22. Great discussion and a wonderful collection of threads!

    Here’s one more thing we’ve been asking about: David Ziser’s part 2 article, “Dreams and Opportunities.” I really enjoyed reading all of part 1. Did I miss the announcement of when part 2 will appear in the replies or elsewhere Scott’s blog?

  23. Scott,

    Can I go to your Super Bowl Party? I’ll even make authentic Buffalo Wings. I’m from Buffalo originally. Well, Rochester, but close enough… plus I lived in Buffalo for 4 years while attending the University at Buffalo.

    I’m down in Seminole, so I’m only a half hour or so from your neck of the woods.

    Just teasin’ ya, man.

    Enjoy the game! :)

  24. Scott,

    I just left a post a Kelby Training which I think Lon Lancaster’s note (above) was about the same topic. I hope it means that when I go full frame to watch a class I don’t feel like I should be looking for my glasses and a screen wipe because I’m wearing my glasses and I always keep my 30 inch monitor squeaky clean.

    It has always bugged me that I go to your site to be educated in the visual medium and the frame from which this knowledge comes to me is, for want of a better word, out-of-focus. Be that as it may…please end the torture and get “A Day with Jay Maisel Part 2” online now! The first part had me out the door, camera in hand, around ten minutes after if finished.

    Semper fi brother

  25. Been a member of NAPP for awhile and recently started doing the subscription and reading this blog. Enjoy what the combination offers and know it is the best way to become a better photographer – thanks Scott

  26. 1. How cool is that! Much respect to both Manfrotto and Really Right Stuff with that!

    2. This I am soooo looking forward to. With alot of travel coming up over the next few years being able to watch DVD’s and eventually Kelby Training Classes is going to be awesome! Sure the wait is frustrating but we all know it will be so worth it.

    3. Count me in for sure.

    4. Looking forward to getting my fix :)

    5. Sooo looking forward to Jay Part 2; I’ll still check in on the very first class from time to time. Still makes me smile when that couple ask for their photo to be taken…geez if only they knew huh :) Oh and Jeremy Cowart…totally ROCKS! ‘Nuff said :)

    6. Recently got Recipes 1on the iPad despite also owning the book/DVD combo. Works superbly on there!

    7. If it was a toss up between the Superbowl and shooting QPR with Dave Clayton…now that understandably would be a dilemma :)

    Scott, cheers for the updates.
    Have a great weekend,
    All the best to you and yours,

  27. Hey Scott;
    Great meeting you out in Moab last fall. I have been trying to get ahold of you regarding a possible visit to Liberty University sometime in the near future. Bill Fortney said you were working on a surprise for us all…to be revealed soon.

  28. Whoa!
    Jeremy Cowart post processing!
    Scott I do not say this lightly…but this class needs to be released ASAP. Not even kidding. I cannot imagine how incredible this must be & how many new subscribers you’ll convert.
    PLEASE, PLEASE. This should be top priority up there with the iPad app!

    Thank you!

  29. Scott,
    Thanks for the update. Please keep on top of that iPad app. Without the hope that I would have that, I would not be a subscribing member right now. Please do release it befor my subscription runs out! I like the Packers this weekend. If your monopod could not slow down Aaron Rodgers, what chance does the Steelers defense have??? Go Pack!

  30. Dear Scott,

    first of all, i really grateful for this blog. It’s great and share a lot of things =) Your blog is the “must open blog” everyday =) your books (the digital photography 1, 2 & 3) had become my manual =) it’s great =) like your jokes too =)

    Anyway, Scott, i have a question. As you are always mentioning that the best window to capture the natural light is north facing window. i never have a doubt for that =) i guess that may because we have to avoid a direct sunlight, therefore the we have to get the sunlight from the opposite side (since most of the people live in the northern hemisphere therefore the sunlight coming from the south to north, therefore we have to choose north facing window). I am really sorry for my thought =( sorry if was wrong =( but the north facing window and you guys living in northern hemisphere are true =)

    Since i am living in Jakarta (Indonesia) (southern hemisphere), my question is whether the north facing window theory can be applied to both hemisphere? since the we (in southern hemisphere) catch the sunlight in the opposite side. Thanks a lot, scott =)

  31. Scott,
    I just love you for putting Cowart on Kelby Training. (That guy is gonna make you a ton of money:)) Those sessions are so inspiring, and I can’t wait for more from him.

  32. If one of your charitable vendors sends you one too many monopods, I could sure use one. ;) I’m struggling with improving my sports shooting skills of my kids and think I might benefit from one…..but my accountant(lovely wife) thinks otherwise.

  33. On Jan. 26th I posted the following question, in the thread about your CS5 book. Any response would be greatly appreciated for sure. Thank you!

    Tom Warren says:
    January 26, 2011 at 11:50 am

    I just finished reading this terrific and highly informative book. (It’s the fourth Scott Kelby book on my shelf). But on page 24 (under the heading “Editing JPEG & TIFF images in Camera Raw) Scott writes:

    “But there is a big distinction between editing JPEG or TIFF images and editing a RAW image. If you click the Done button, you’re actually affecting the real pixels of the original JPEG or TIFF, whereas, if this were a RAW image, you wouldn’t be.”

    Responders in the Adobe Forum are telling me that this information is inaccurate, that the real pixels are not affected. Can you clarify?

  34. FYI – perhaps it is just me, but I am pretty sure …

    Something appears to be broken on the link for the Feb. 7th post. The comment link points to some other article. Therefore, I am posting this here, on the previous days blog entry. Also, the article link isn’t correct, pointing you to a Feb. 5th post. Just thought you may want to know in case something is afoul.

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