To kick off this Christmas week, please join in and sing the following to the tune of “I’ll be home for Christmas” by Bing Crosby.

“I’m laming out for the Holidays
You can count on it.
There won’t be posts, or anything newâ¦
It’s a present just for me.

Christmas Eve will find me
Far away from this blog
But I’ll be back again next week
I’m off to watch TV”

That’s right folks, I am totally “laming out” (laming rhymes with flaming) and kicking back and relaxing with the family. I’m not working, blogging, breathing, eating, posting, no Grid episode, no guest blog Wednesday; just joyous rest, relaxation, the sounds of distorted guitars and explosions as I play Call of Duty between football games. So, take a brief moment to soak in all the wonder and magic that is the stock image with text I added in Photoshop, and  then let’s not think about any of this until next week? Deal? Deal!

Here’s wishing you and your family a safe, happy, healthy holiday and all the joy His season can bring. :)

Merry Christmas!

-Scott, Braddo, and the entire crew here at KelbyOne


About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Merry Christmas, to one and all, at Kelby Media. Enjoy the well deserved break.

  2. I had to Google “Laming”! LOLOLOLOL LMAO

    Merry Christmas Scott + Family! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! :)

  3. Merry Christmas Scott! Hope you and your family have an awesome holiday and get to feeling better!

  4. I don’t believe the not eating part. It’s Christmas, ya gotta eat!

  5. Happy Holidays to you and your family. :)

  6. Happy Holidays to you Scott and your family as well as your extended family at KelbyOne.

  7. This is a real well-deserved holiday Scott. Enjoy and take it easy!

  8. Not lame! Enjoy! And thanks for all of your work this year. I’ve learned SO much <3

  9. Scott; wishing you, your family and everyone at Kelby One a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year. Thanks for all the good stuff you deliver throughout the year.

  10. Welcome to the Lame Club. My fiiancee and her daughter arrive tomorrow after work and we’re just spending family time, too.

    Merry Christmas, all.

  11. Scott, I’ve got some holiday time off now as well. Wow, it’s been a long year! I just bought the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II from B&H and am really excited the shoot with it, day and night! I see it’s one of your favorites lenses!

  12. Scott, I’ve got some holiday time off now as well. Wow, it’s been a long year! I just bought the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II from B&H and am really excited to shoot with it. It’s always nice to make a purchase and have some holiday time right after to spend some quality time with some hard earned photography equipment! I see it’s one of your favorite lenses!

  13. Laming!!?? More likely recharging and refocusing on your creativity and energies on those things important to you.

    Merry Christmas to you, your family, and the KelbyOne family.

  14. Happy Holidays to the Kelby Family, at home and at work.

  15. Well deserved, I might add! Thanks for a great year of learning (and winning – that McNally class was awesome!). Looking forward to what you and the rest of the crew have in store for 2015. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  16. Scott, I hope you, Kalebra and the kids have a wonderful Christmas! You’ve earned this vacation from it all. Thanks for a great year of learning from Kelby Media, and I look forward to 2015 to see what you’ll bring us. And I don’t think any vacation can be called “lame”!


  17. The kelbyone symbol in the bulb was a nice touch. Lamer! ;-) I for one am a Titanfall guy.

    • My son loves, loves, loves Titanfall – he even talked me into buying but, but I still haven’t installed it — it’s sitting in the box. I have my hands full enough with COD (though I did Prestige two days ago). :)

  18. Deal!! See you then………..Merry Merry Happy Happy to all the Kelby gang!

  19. You and your family have a great and MerryChristmas.

  20. Merry Xmas Scott!!

    You may however suffer from self promotion withdrawal!

  21. Hope you and everyone at Kelby Media have a very Merry Christmas Scott!!

  22. Charge your batteries, renew your strength, and love on that great family! You’ve eared it my friend!

  23. Merry Christmas Scott to you and your family!

  24. May you and all your friends and family (including your fans) have a safe and wonderful Christmas!!!

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