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Here’s what’s going on:

  • Want to give you photos that Trendy Hollywood Look? Check out a video tutorial I did for Lexar over at their Pro Digital Photographers Website (click here). So far, they’ve posted “Part One” of the two-part series, and I’ll let you know when they post the second part. Also, check out all the Lexar pros by clicking here.
  • There’s an interesting article over at The Sun (a British-based newspaper) about a retouch of a cover shot of actress Keira Knightley, and her comments about the retouch (where she’s nude, but mostly covered by props). The photo is really pretty mild, and there’s some mildly colorful language on the page as well (just so you know). Here’s the link.
  • Our friend, and wedding photography overlord, David Ziser has launched a new blog for pro wedding and portrait photographers called “Digital Pro Talk” and I have to tell you—it rocks!!! David just came back from a trip to France, and although he primarily known as a master wedding photographer, his landscape and travel stuff is so great it really just makes you want to punch him out. ;-) Here’s the link to what I’m certain will be a must-see daily visit for me.
  • Our man Corey Barker just released a new DVD called “Adobe Illustrator CS3 Down & Dirty Tricks” and it’s just amazing (he’s as good at Illustrator as he is at Photoshop)! It’s in-stock over at (don’t forget, NAPP members get a big discount on these DVDs).

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody, and look for my field reports from this week’s Western Shooting Adventure, to start next week.


My buddy Jeff Revell (shown above during our morning in Monument Valley) posted some of his shots from our West Photo Adventure (he’s still out there shooting near Tucson now), and he’s posted some great shots on his blog (when you get there, scroll down to his Thursday post to see a really nice sunrise over Monument Valley, with the sun just peeking over the horizon). Here’s the link to Jeff’s blog.




I took a few days off this week to go shooting with my buddies Jeff Revell and Dave Moser, and over the course of these past three days we covered over 1,200 miles, I took over 1,000 shots, we saw some amazing places and just generally had a blast. (I took the shots shown above [except for the one of me, of course, which was taken by Jeff Revell] at “The Wave” outside Page, Arizona [click on them for larger views]—it took a six-mile hike over rough terrain and hills in 112 degree heat to get there and back….but it was worth it!)

I’ll be posting more images tomorrow and on into next week, plus I took some new gear and I’ll be giving you field reports as well on: The Canon 5D (I shot with all Canon gear the entire trip on loan from our friends at Canon), and I took some Sigma Lenses as well, plus I put the Gitzo Traveler Tripod and Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead through “Hell Week” and I’ll have reports on them as well. I made good use of the Hoodman Loupe (you can see it around my neck, as well as some Lee Neutral Density Gradient filters), and I totally abused a LowePro Camera Backpack, an Epson P-5000 Storage Unit, and both Jeff and Dave (who are great sports, great shooters, and good friends).

Besides “The Wave,” we shot at Monument Valley, The Grand Canyon, and The Antelope Canyon Slots. Really an amazing, tiring, hilarious, and often inspiring time without a decent cell phone signal or Internet connection to be found (thanks for all your patience with “No Blog Wednesday.”)

Now, onto some news!!! (Scroll down to the next two posts). :)


On Tuesday I mentioned some of Ben Willmore’s upcoming workshops, and besides Ben’s, there are some very cool Photoshop and photography workshops coming up that I thought you want to know about, too. Here’s what I know so far:

  • The amazing Vincent Versace is taking a second trip with the Palm Beach Photographic Workshops to Myanmar from October 10-25, 2007. The trip is broken up two ways; From October 10 to 19 (all travel days included), or the full trip is October 10 returning home on the 25. Vincent has said that his last trip to Myanmar was “the most wonderful photographic experience I have ever had.”) They still have a few openings left, so if you’re interested in taking a photographic workshop with Vincent, click this link. You will have the experience of a lifetime!
  • The Santa Fe Workshops (producers of absolutely brilliant photographic and digital imaging workshops), has got something very special coming up: An Australian Photographic Journey, featuring Jerry and Julie Courvoisier (you can also catch Jerry teaching at Photoshop World this year). If you’ve got a sec, check out this page with all the info (and some imagery) from this extraordinary photographic learning opportunity.
  • Randy Hufford is teaching a special condensed version of his Santa Fe Workshops class at Photoshop World, and you can check out some images from his recent Santa Fe class by clicking here.
  • Dave Cross, Moose Peterson, Matt Kloskowski, and Laurie Excell are teaching on next year’s Picture Perfect Hawaii Photoshop and Digital Photography Cruise (August 9th-16th, 2008). Check out the details here (and while you’re there, enter their “Win a Free Cruise” contest.


At the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo, Adobe (and Adobe’s own Russell Preston Brown) will have a special booth setup to capture 3D head, and face scans of conference attendees which they can manipulate inside of Photoshop CS3 Extended.

But wait! - There's more! Then, you take your 3D head/face scans to the Adobe printing station (also in the booth), and you can make your own personalized 3D pillow. That's right, a pillow with your face printed on the surface! (as seen in the image above—click for a larger version).

Here’s how it all works: each day, when the Expo opens, just come to the Adobe scanning booth (Booth #620), to pick up a special pass that will indicate your time slot for when to come back and get scanned (the number of passes are limited, but when Adobe runs out of passes, you can also wait in line at the booth for any available openings.). If you don't want to wait in line, simply purchase a copy of Photoshop CS3 Extended at the Tech Expo, bring it to the booth, and you'll be escorted to the front of the line.

If you haven’t registered for Photoshop World Las Vegas (Sept 6-8, 2007), it’s not too late (it’s almost too late, but not quite), then click right here.

Hi Everybody:

Sorry there’s no news today—I’m on the road and have been without Internet access all day (except for now, of course, but it’s too late), so check back tomorrow to experience all the full wholesome goodness that only can only be delivered on a Thursday News Update. That’s it for “No Blog Wednesday.”

Take care,