Daily Archives October 18, 2007


Here’s one more for this week’s DLWS workshop in Cape Cod.

I have to say, the DLWS experience is really like no other. Although it’s absolutely a first-rate, professionally produced from top-to-bottom workshop, it somehow maintains a really fun, “you’re one of the family” feel, that is really unique to them. It takes the whole workshop to another level, and it reminds of the same feeling you get at Photoshop World—where there’s this buzz that runs through the whole event.

I have to give the credit to Moose Peterson and his organization, because from the moment you walk through the workshop door, you know that they’re really passionate about what they do, and how committed they are to making sure you get the most out of the workshop. My thanks to Moose, Sharon, Joe McNally, and Laurie Excell for their hospitality, and for sharing what they’ve learned so willingly with us all. :)

Today I’m up in New York City for the PhotoPlus Expo, which starts today and runs through Saturday. I’ll be doing a few sessions in the “Kelby Training” booth on the show floor today, so if you’re up in NYC for the show, make sure you stop by and check out my portrait retouching sessions. , and I’ll be checking out the latest gear, and reporting back on anything really slick I run across. I’ll be dangerously close to B&H Photo, so I fully expect to come back with a lighter wallet. :)

Now, onto some Thursday News Stuff:

  • Derrick Story has a great interview with Photoshop Elements Product Manager Mark Dalm (who is really a terrific guy, with a really engaging personality—the kind of guy you’d hope was managing a product as important as Elements), over at this Digital Story Podcast, and if you want the full scoop on what’s new in Photoshop Elements 6, make sure you check this out (click here).
  • Our man Corey Barker (The Photoshop Lad), will be teaching some sessions at the Voices That Matter Web Design Conference coming up next week on Oct. 22-25, 2007 at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. Corey is a brilliant teacher (if you’ve ever seen him on Layers TV you already know that), and he’ll be teaching sessions on a number of different topics, and the whole conference looks like it will be just an amazing experience. Click here for more info.
  • If you’re interested in photography copyright issues or photography and the law, you’ve got to listen to episode #71 of “The Digital Photography Show,” as it features a fascinating interview with Carolyn Wright, The Photo Attorney. Here’s the link.
  • Don’t forget; I’ll be in Tampa on October 30th for my only Florida stop this year on my “Lightroom Live Tour.” It’s $99 for the full day, or if you’re a NAPP member, it’s only $79. I hope I’ll see you there (here’s the link to what I cover in the class).

That it for this morning. More to report tomorrow. Have a great Thursday everybody! :)