Daily Archives October 22, 2007



As posted here on Friday, this past Saturday was my best buddy Dave Moser’s wedding, and it may well have had highest “wedding guest per DSLR” ratio ever recorded. Well, the wedding itself was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, Dave’s bride Lisa was stunning (Dave didn’t look too bad himself), the food was amazing, the location was incredible, and we all had just a blast from beginning to end.

Now, all that aside; I want you all to know that before the wedding, we all got together and vowed to make darn sure we didn’t get in the way of, or interrupt in any way, the working pros who were hired to shoot the wedding. To everyone’s credit; “our gang” conducted themselves like you would hope they would (I was in the wedding party, so I only brought my iPhone, with its surprisingly decent built-in 2-megapixel camera which I used to snag that one shot above. Not the chairs. The other one).

The company Dave hired to shoot the wedding, was Alexis Photography (based in Safety Harbor, FL. Here’s the link to their site), and I have to say, they were absolutely terrific. They fielded three shooters for the wedding, and had everything well covered without being at all obtrusive. We were all very impressed with their professionalism, as well as the quality of their work (we “chimped” on their LCD’s).

The head shooter was “Moe” (a really terrific guy, by the way), and before the wedding he came over and was telling me how he had read my blog, and knew there would be a lot of big-name shooters here. So, I just couldn’t help but pull a prank on him. So, I called Moe over to the side and told him that he was right; a lot of pros would be here, with their full rigs, and because of that we went ahead and pre-rigged the entire wedding area (near the hotel pool, in front of a waterfall), with six 2400 watt strobes, some with softboxes, and that we also placed a PocketWizard Plus II on every single seat, so the guests could wirelessly trigger these strobes from their seats (see the faked photo above, taken at the wedding).

So, I’m really taking him for a ride; pointing out the 2nd story window of the hotel, and showing him where we’ve mounted these strobes (totally fictitious), and he’s squinting trying to see them, and then I tell him he’ll need to have his guys set their PocketWizard’s to Channel 4, because our strobes were already taking up channels 1, 2, and 3.

Here’s the sad thing; he was so nice about it all. He was just totally taking it all in stride, and I kept laying it on thicker, and he just kept smiling and being so polite. I finally felt so bad that I had to let him in on the joke, and we all just started cracking up (luckily, Moe did, too; though I think he was actually quite relieved when he learned that we wouldn’t be triggering all these strobes).

Anyway, I have to say it was kind of funny to be up there hearing the Pastor reciting the vows, and I look out there and see Moose Peterson pointing his lens our way, and Matt Klowskowski with his, and Terry White with this, and Larry Becker and RC, and Paul Wilder, and on, and on, and well…there was a lot of big glass aiming at Dave and Lisa. But again, everyone kept their seats, and let the pro’s do their thing, even through the reception, where I did actually see Matt Kloskowski dancing to “The Grease Megamix” and doing “The Electric Slide.” These photos are now available. For a price. ;-)