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I’m coming to you from the Mandalay Bay Resort in Casino in Las Vegas, as we kick off Photoshop World tomorrow morning with an opening keynote presentation from Adobe.

One of our instructors, Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro came up with a very cool idea (actually, he calls it an experiment) which he calls “CoBlogging Photoshop World.” Here’s how he describes it:

“1 – Invite movers and shakers at Photoshop World with blogs to make one short post a day during the event highlighting something that excited them that day.
2 – Invite those movers and shakers to invite other movers and shakers to join.
3 – Invite attendees to participate by commenting on the movers and shakers posts and include links to their blogs in their comments.”

And then he lists a bunch of the instructors who’ve agreed to Co-Blog the event along with him (needless to say, I was all over this, so I’ll be co-blogging, too!). Note: the co-blogging graphic above was swiped during the night from JP’s blog).

Anyway, JP posted his first co-blog yesterday from this “Epson Print Academy” pre-conference workshop, complete with some photos, and it’s definitely worth checking out (and you can find his list of co-bloggers if you scroll down a little). Here’s the link.

In other Photoshop World News, here’s my schedule for tomorrow:

  1. After the keynote, I’ll be teaching a session of the Essentials of Type and How to Design With Type (a class aimed at Photographers), at 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.
  2. At 1:30 pm, I’m doing a live demo on how to use my Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 Kit over at Westcott’s booth on the Expo Floor.
  3. At 3:00 pm, I’m doing a live lighting demo at B&H Photo’s booth, on the Lastolite Highlight Background, the Elinchrom Octabank, and the Elinchrom Skyports wireless triggers.
  4. At 3:45 pm I’m going to do a book signing of my new Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers over at the Peachpit Book Store–the official bookstore for Photoshop World (and yes, they have the new book in stock. Whoo Hoo!). I would love to sign a copy for you, so be sure to stop by. :)

Tomorrow night, my band, “Big Electric Cat” is live in concert at the House of Blues.

I’ll be doing some co-blogging tomorrow, so check back here for some photos, and check JP’s blog as well for links and stuff. Hope I see you here tomorrow! (I’ve got to hit the sack now—I’ve got an early day).

Have a great Thursday everybody!

P.S. My thanks to Larry Becker, for revealing another side of the home team. It was fun reading his perspective on things, and in case you were wondering—don’t worry, a talented guy like Larry will find a job in no time. ;-)


The Photoshop Guys; Un-Retouched

As NAPP's Executive Director I work in the same building as the crazy guys we refer to as “The Photoshop Guys” and the LayersTV Guys, so you can imagine that one of the questions I get asked most frequently is, â˜what are they really like?'

Maybe you've heard that they are exactly like what you see on the podcasts, and that's true to a large degree, but there are things that don't come through on the shows and I want to give you a look at some of the stuff that happens behind the scenes.


Dave Cross (above)
In most ways, what you see on PhotoshopUser TV is what Dave is like⦠when he's training. Truly professional. Of all the guys, he is known as "Mr One Take" because it's so rare for him to make a mistake. But when the camera isn't rolling, people would probably be surprised how quiet and reserved he is. Even if you greet him in the morning with an enthusiastic, "HEY! How's it going Dave!?" You can expect his extraordinarily polite, very measured response to be, "good day." A true gentleman.

In spite of his reserved manner, there are 2 things you can mention that cause that extra little spark in Dave's eye and he's absolutely happy to talk about, his family and Canada. He's a real, proud, family man. And even though his current job as a Photoshop Guy has taken Dave out of Canada, you can't take Canada out of Dave. His cell phone ring tone is Oh Canada (the Canadian national anthem) and it's absolutely hilarious any time his phone rings in a staff meeting because whenever he gets a call, everyone in the room stands up immediately until he answers his phone. We all love our Canadian!

But what would a peek behind the scenes be without a funny Dave story. As many of you may know, Dave Cross was the first full-time trainer hired to help Scott with the seminar (more…)


Here’s a couple of quick news morsels:

  • I mentioned last week that the amazing Joe McNally (above) was out in Santa Fe, New Mexico doing an on-location online class for Kelby Training. Well, Joe wrote a post, and shows some of the images he made during that class over at his blog (here’s the link). Very cool stuff!
  • National Geographic has put out their “Call for Entries” for their annual “World in Focus” competition. If you win that one, I think you might have some serious bragging rights, eh? You can find the details right here.
  • Some new stuff I’m working with:
    1. The new Firewire 800 version of my beloved Drobo. I just made the switch this week (it was totally painless—it took all of 60 seconds).
    2. Nik Software’s new Silver Efex Pro Black & White plug-in for Photoshop. I haven’t had enough experience with it do a full-blown review yet, but OMG it kicks butt!!! I’ve never seen anything better for creating Black & White conversions. Scary stuff! More once I’ve had more time to play.

Well, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to stop by for tomorrow’s guest blog, and some live reports from Photoshop World later in the week. Have a good one!

…my good friend, photographer, and one of the most downright hilarious and genuine guys you’d ever want to meet, NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker.

One of my readers posted a comment that they’d like to hear from Larry, and I thought it was a great idea, and invited him that very day. I’ve been friends with, and worked with Larry for years now, and he’s one of the most talented, gifted, and quick-witted guys on the planet, and if you’ve ever seen him host one of our crazy segments during Photoshop World’s “Midnight Madness” you totally know what I mean (his off the cuff lines often have me, and the entire audience, literally falling off of chairs with laughter).

Now, that being said, don’t expect him to do a stand-up routine tomorrow, because he takes stuff like this pretty seriously, but I thought you’d like to hear about another side of the guy who hosts the “NAPP News” show each week. Make sure you stop back tomorrow, and catch his post (and if you’re at Photoshop World this week, stop by and say “hi” to one of my very favorite people).


If you’ve been wondering how the Westcott TD-5 Spiderlites you always hear me talking about here on the blog, work—I’m doing a live demo of them at the Westcott booth on the Expo Floor at 1:30 pm on Thursday (the opening day of the show).

I’ll be using the brand new brighter fluorescent bulbs, and I’m going to show how I use them, some of the set-ups I use in the studio, some of the accessories I use, and other stuff like that. I hope you’ll stop by and catch this “mini-session.”

IMPORTANT: Westcott will be also giving away one of my Westcott “Scott Kelby Studio Kits” (sold by B&H Photo) during the show, so even if you can’t catch my class, make sure you stop by and sign up for the drawing (hey, the total prize package is worth around $1,300 and comes with the new brighter bulbs—not too shabby!).