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Hi gang: here’s what’s up:

Scott Bourne Rocks!
A big thanks to Scott Bourne over at for including my blog in his post called “My Favorite Online Places to Get More Info About Photography.” Here’s the link to check out all this picks (Thanks Scott—it’s a honor to be included in such great company).

Just Four Days Left…..
Don’t forget about Rob Jone’s wonderful offer of a matching donation on the official Photo Walk t-shirts. The deadline is July 31st (at this point with Rob’s matching donation, every shirt you buy creates at $10 donation to the Spring of Hope Kenya Orphanage). Here’s the link.

Matt’s Workflow Video
We’re getting a lot of love from Matt’s Lightroom workflow video that he did for the photo walk participants. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s right here.

A totally kick-butt contest is coming on Monday
On Monday, I’ll be announcing just about the coolest photography contest ever (well, it’s the coolest I’ve heard of recently, anyway). It’s not my idea (it’s actually a friend of mine’s, but you’ll know who he is), and we’re trying to put it together for a Monday launch, so make sure you mark your calendar to be here on Monday for sure.

Tomorrow’s  Special Guest Blogger is…..
….one of the finest landscape photographers in America today; one of the best photography instructors out there, and one of my very dear friends….Bill Fortney.

Bill is the photographer who wrote (and shot) the award-winning book “America from 500 feet” (the best selling aviation photography book ever) and co-author of “American from 500 feet II” (his latest book), and it is such an honor to have him here as my guest. Don’t miss his guest post tomorrow!!!


I just took a look, and sure enough, it’s there (early)—my new book, “The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 3” is in stock at (well, at least it was last night when I wrote this). Plus, it’s only $16.50. (Cheap!) >> Update: it’s now only $14.99!

If you want to see what the book is all about, I did a video about what’s in this volume (which is all new, from the ground up), over at the World Wide Photo Walk site (here’s the link; watch the video on the home page called “A Message From Scott.”).

I got my first copy late last week, and I was really excited. A big thanks to my amazing in-house production staff (including my in-house Editor Kim Doty to whom the book is dedicated); a hugh high-five to my awesome assistant and digital tech Brad Moore who helped with so many of the production and product shots, and thanks to everyone at Peachpit Press, including Ted Waitt, Scott Cowlin, Sara Jane Todd, and Nancy Ruenzel.


You guys know (at least I hope you know) that I read every comment you guys post on blog. I answer as many as a I can; I fix problems that you guys point out, and I really value your input and advice.

When I did my post about my guest instructor gig at Joe McNally’s Workshop in St. Lucia, I saw a comment posted that really made me stop and sit up. It was a criticism, but he did it in such a kind, respectful way, that I really had to give it its due. He said that my photos didn’t look nearly as sharp as the photos on Joe McNally’s blog, and he thought I must be doing something wrong.

He was right
I scrolled down the post, looked at the photos, and I thought the same exact thing. They do look soft. I called Matt’s extension; read him the comment, and he pulled up the post on St. Lucia, and he agreed, but he pointed out something important: he told me to look at the shot of the Garvey, the fireman on the red wall. Then he told me to click on it to see the larger version of the image. The larger image was tack sharp. He asked me to compare that to the smaller image embedded in the story, and sure enough; it was really soft in comparison. (Here’s the link to the story so you can compare the two images).

That’s when it hit me
I used to make two separate sizes of photos that get uploaded to my blog: one at 516 pixels wide, and one that’s 12″ wide which appears when you click on the smaller image. But for the past year or so, I’ve been letting WordPress (the software that runs my blog), automatically resize my larger image to make the smaller 516 pixel image that appears embedded in the story (as seen above). I know—what was I thinking? It sounds so stupid now, and that’s exactly how I feel.

A Lesson Learned
So I asked my assistant and digital tech Brad about it, and he told me he always resizes the images separately when he posts the Guest Blog images on Wednesday, and he built Photoshop actions (and Mac Automator scripts) to do all the work for him. I feel even dumber now, if that’s even possible. Anyway, Brad was kind enough to share those actions and Automator scripts with me, and from here out I’ll be sure to resize the images separately, so even the smaller images look sharp.

Anyway, I appreciate the “heads up” on this soft-image thing very much, and every time you guys let me know about a broken link, a misspelled word, or some other thing I’ve messed up on the blog, it’s very much appreciated.


…and as amazing as that is, it’s about to get better!!!

First, an update. You probably already know that $5 from the sale of every official “Worldwide Photo Walk t-shirt” goes straight to the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, and you probably also know that the man to thank for the idea was Rob Jones from Towner Jones Photography.

Well, this week Rob let me know that we sold more than 1,000 official t-shirts, which we means we’ll be sending more than $5,000 to the Orphanage right as they’re opening their doors for the first time, and giving some very deserving children a home.

I was thrilled that we were able to raise $5,000, but Rob wasn’t. He wants to do more, and that’s why, Towner Jones Photography will match the $5 donation from every shirt sold between now and the end of the month (July 31st) – that will make the total donation for Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage $10 for every item sold.

Rob has such a heart for these kids, and while I’m not surprised at what Rob did, I sure am thankful. So, if you went on a Photo Walk and didn’t get one of the official t-shirts before, I hope you’ll order one now, and take Rob up on his offer, and feed and clothe some wonderful kids.

Here’s the link. Stop what you’re doing and order a shirt right now. It’ll make your day, and someone elses as well.


I haven’t done an update in a few weeks on some of the new classes we’ve posted on Kelby Training Online, and we’ve got some really great ones I wanted to share, including:

How to Clean your DSLR Sensor (with Laurie Excell). (view lessons)

Copyright Registration with Jack Reznicki and Attorney Ed Greenberg. (view lessons)

This next one has been up for a few weeks, but I haven’t mentioned it, and it’s a really cool class.

Successful Pre-Production for Location Shooting, with Richard Riley. (view lessons)

Also, I’ve been working on my own new series of online classes called:

“Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it”

…where I take you from an empty studio, all the way through the lighting set-up, through the live shoot (and the process of getting the shot), and then taking those shots into Lightroom and Photoshop for the final edits and retouching. You see everything from beginning to end—nothing’s left out.

I’ll be launching three of these (two of these I’ve just wrapped filming, and the third is set to film on Tuesday), and each one focuses on just one particular look—one particular lighting set-up, and one finished image. I am really, really excited about how these are coming out, and if they’re well received I’ll be adding more looks to this studio series.

We’ve also added a unique class from Dave Cross on GridIron Flow, along with:

Plus, we’ve got new classes coming from David Ziser, Joe McNally, and we’ve got a couple of brand new instructors coming on board which we’ll be announcing in the next week or so. Lots of great stuff coming gang!!! More details very soon!


Hi folks:
Well, now that most of the Photo Walk stuff is out of the way (until we come to the judging portion, then all %&$* will break loose), here’s what’s up:

The Free Prize Inside (apologies to Seth Godin)
First, I want to talk about yesterday’s Guest Blog from Bryan Hughes, because there was a “Free Prize Inside” a lot of people missed (and I’m not talking about the unprecedented super-early reveal of three user-driven improvements to the next version of Photoshop), but something bigger that a lot of people missed entirely. In fact, one of my buddies called me late last night, and said, “I saw you Tweet that something really surprising was in Bryan’s post, and I skimmed it, but didn’t catch it.”

A lot of people missed the fact that Bryan, Photoshop Product Manager for Adobe, actually gave out his private email address, and said to my readers (I’m paraphrasing here), “Hey, if you’ve got an idea for something you want fixed or addressed in Photoshop, here’s my personal email address. Drop me a line.” Come on—that’s pretty much unheard of. Now, Bryan is probably regretting that today, but I thought it really showed an amazing level of access and interaction between Adobe and end users like us, and I applaud Bryan for doing that, and for giving us a peek inside their development process this time around.

MPIX Launches MpixPro!
I knew this was coming, but I couldn’t spill the beans until it was official (which it now is), but the folks over at have launched a very intriguing new service exclusively for working pros called “MpixPro,” which has special products (and a product catalog twice the size of and lab services (including fine art printing) for working pro photographers. As much as I love (they have been my one and only lab for the past couple of years), I’m now moving up to MPIX Pro to access these new services and features aimed at pros. You can check out the video on their site which explains it all, and I’ll have a lot more next week after I get my first orders back from them, so look for more details then. In the meantime, here’s the link to MPIX Pro.

Joe McNally’s Kelby Training Flash Workshop is Sold Out!
You knew it was going to happen, and sure enough—last week Joe’s upcoming off camera flash workshop sold out, and there’s going to be a record-breaking 700+ photographers there that day. Seriously, that’s probably one of, if not the biggest, one-day lighting workshops ever. Way to go, Joe! (more dates for Joe’s tour to be announced shortly).

Also, hats off to my buddy Matt Kloskowski who, following in Joe’s footsteps, sold out our Lightroom 2 Live Tour! in New York City yesterday, with more than 650 photographers filling the place to capacity.

Catch my Photo Walk Audio Interview at LensFlare35
I did a very fun interview yesterday with Dave Warner over at where we talked about the whole World Wide Photo Walk phenomenon; how the whole thing came about, where it’s been, and what’s next. You can listen to it right here.

Hotel Rooms for Photoshop World Las Vegas are Going FAST!
There are two hotels at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino (home to the Photoshop World Conference & Expo), and the room rates this year are an absolute bargain, which is probably why one of our two host hotels “THEhotel at Mandalay Bay” has sold out of our special room deal reserved for conference attendees. If you’re going to join us in Vegas this October, you can still snag a special room deal right at the Mandalay Bay itself (yes, it’s confusing—one’s called “THEhotel” and one’s just “Mandalay Bay” but it’s the one called “Mandalay Bay” that still has rooms available at our killer deal price). Here’s the link to the Photoshop World Travel Page with all the details. Hope I’ll be seeing you in Vegas!

I’m Hitting the Sack
It’s pretty late, so I’m heading to bed. Hope you guys have a great Thursday, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow for some news and stuff to take you into the weekend. See you then!