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The wait is over! After releasing the Canon version of their iPhone remote control app earlier this year, now OnOne Software has released a Nikon version of their app which lets you control your Nikon DSLR wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

I haven’t given it a studio test yet (that’s coming next week), but basically what this puppy does is let you take control over your tethered Nikon DSLR, letting you change your f/stop, shutter speed—-you can even use LiveView to see what you’re camera’s seeing (right from your iPhone)—-and then use it actually take the photo wirelessly (think about using this when you’re shooting the kids!).

Anyway, you just gotta love that, technology like this for both Nikon and Canon shooters, is starting to appear. It’s $19.99 and you can buy it from the iTunes Store. Way to go OnOne!!!! Here’s a link with more details.

I asked my buddy RC Concepcion (photographer and Web guru guy), to do a short video tutorial on how to create a photo Gravatar, so when you post a comment here on my blog, instead of showing the default silhouette of a body, it would automatically display your photo instead.

The reason I thought this might be helpful is because I wanted to add my photo to my comments, but I couldn’t find a way to do it. So I had to ask one of the guys in my Web dept. how to do it, and then eventually I just had him do it for me because I’m lame.

So I figured some other folks might wonder how to do this too, and RC’s tutorial (above) makes the process really easy.

Thanks RC for making that for us, and I encourage everybody who posts here (or elsewhere) to go ahead and create your own photo Gravatar.


Hi Gang:
It’s 1:49 am, and I’m up working on my seminar presentation tomorrow in Orlando, but I’ve about hit the wall (so I’ll hitting the sack), I just wanted to say a quick thank you now, because I’ll be at the seminar all day tomorrow.

First, thanks to everyone who posted here, or who contacted me yesterday with a kind word and offers to help our contest winner Alex. By 7:30 am yesterday morning I had already received emails from SIDs at a number of University’s offering to let Alex shoot on their sidelines, and I had offers of everything from major rock band concert shoots for him, to free software and gear loaners for Alex (read this post from Matt Lange for example). I heard from everybody from software developers, camera companies, accessory companies, to some of the biggest name photographers in our industry—-you name it. It was an amazing day!

So gang, don’t spend another day focusing on the all bitterness. Instead, lets celebrate the great things that happened, like first-class act Scott Bourne, at who contacted me and is sending a gift box to Alex, which includes:

  • The entire Nik Software plug-in suite (Brand new in a box),
  • A Think Tank Photo Rotation 360 in the box,
  • and a brand new Expo Disk from Expo Imaging.

Scott didn’t want any exposure or credit whatsoever for sending these to Alex. Too bad—-he did a kick-butt thing and I want everyone to know!!!!

Anyway gang, don’t worry—-with all the offers I got yesterday, Alex will be on the sidelines very soon (also don’t worry—–I won’t mention it until he’s done it, so he doesn’t get torpedoed once again).

Also, I want to thank my buddy Mike Olivella for being such a stand-up guy, and I think a lot of people really recognized and appreciated that. That’s a rare trait these days and I’m prouder than ever to call him my friend.

I hope everybody, including all the sports photographers on both sides of this issue, have their best weekend ever, and next week let’s put this silly stuff behind us, and move on to stuff that really matters (like who the Bucs are going to choose for their starting Quarterback). Just kidding! Have a great one!!!


Hi Gang: A friend turned me on to Journeys Unforgettable, and their amazingly unique photographic workshops. Here’s the scoop on their next one (which is coming in October) which is going to Zambia & Zimbabwe (and I’m passing this on because NAPP members get $500 off). If you’ve got a sec; check out the details below (wish I could go!).


Join Host Journeys Unforgettable with Special Guest 2008 BBC Wildlife Photographer of The Year: Miguel Lasa and Dana Allen for an Extraordinary Unforgettable Photo Adventure into the Heart of the Wilderness to Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Miguel Lasa who was recently featured in the June 2009 Issue of Outdoor Photographer may be a physican by training, but he’s a top wildlife photographer by avocation.  Some of his top tips for your best wildlife photo moments are:  Passion & Patience, Understand Animal Behavior, Use a Fast Shutter Speed, and Utilize a Suitable Camera and Lens.

We are very fortunate to have this incredible duo for this photo safari workshop led by Photography Professionals Dana Allen and Miguel Lasa.

You will not only learn how to capture the moment, but receive daily in-depth instruction, giving you all the tips into how to optimize your incredible images and share with all!

The camps for this photo adventure have been specially chosen for the unique game behavior at this time of the year.  We are planning to visit the South Zambian Kafue National Park, famous for its open plains and incredible cheetah sightings.  Following this, is a visit for a couple of days on the Lufupa River which will allow for photography from a wet/water perspective with fantastic bird life.  Then it’s onto the famous Little Makalolo camp in Hwange National Park with some of the most amazing elephant sightings anywhere in the world!

-Daily Activities Include Fieldwork in Exotic Wild Africa
-Max. 4 Photographers Per Open Land Rover (each photographer has own row)
– 1 on 1 Instruction
-Classroom Lessons with Peer Review and Professional Critique
-Electrical Power 24/7 For Photographic and Computer Equipment
-An Experience That Will Change Your Life!

Arrive in Johannesburg on October 4th to Enjoy Group Dinner and Overnight at Luxury Hotel

  • October 5th Depart for Victoria Falls,Zimbabwe
  • October 5th Toka Leya Classc Camp in Zambia
  • October 6,7, 8, and 9 Shumba River Premiere Camp in Zambia
  • October 10 and 11 Lafupa Tented Classic Camp in Zambia
  • October 12,13,14, 15 and 16 Little Makalolo Classic Camp in Zimbabwe
  • October 17th Depart for Return to Johannesburg with onward flight to USA.

**Pre-Post Trip Extensions to other camps/cities available**

If interested, please contact to receive Special Pricing & Itinerary Details.

NOTE: *NAPP Members will Save Additional $500*

photo equipment on green grass

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

(NOTE: before you post a comment; please read Mike’s comments in the next post below, which explains what happened, and why FSU is absolutely not to blame).

You all know that on Monday we announced the winner for our “Shoot on The Sidelines with Scott & Mike,” contest, and Alex Walker, a really talented amateur sports photographer from Virginia won with an incredible shot of his son taken during a soccer (football) match.

You probably also know that a very vocal group of sports photographers were outraged at the fact that we did this contest in the first place. They didn’t feel an amateur, no matter how talented, had any place in “their world.” They were very bitter, angry, and made it very clear in online forums that having the winner on the sidelines was absolutely unacceptable.

But they didn’t stop there.

We just got word that these photographers were so upset that some of them contacted Florida State University directly, and told them they were making a mistake by letting an amateur “run amok” on the sidelines. This was dangerous. It’s not a good decision. This “amateur” has no business on the sidelines, and they should pull his sidelines pass!

Apparently, these angry sports photographers were very convincing. Florida State felt they had no choice but to rescind his pass Now, Alex will not get to shoot on the sidelines at the Florida State game.

Congratulations. You were able to steal Alex’s dream of shooting a big time game from the sidelines.

Yesterday I called Alex and told him the news. As you might imagine, he was very disappointed, but as good a photographer as Alex is, he’s even more of a gentleman and took the news like a pro.

He was already aware of the angry, hateful comments posted by some of these photographers, but I don’t think he ever thought it would come to this. Nevertheless, he was still grateful to have his photo chosen, and I’m sending him a bunch of cool goodies to, in some small way, take the sting out of losing out on such a wonderful opportunity, but obviously it won’t replace what was taken from him.

So, I guess these sports photographers felt it was really important for them to keep Alex off the sidelines, even though doing so:

  1. Wouldn’t put a dime in their pockets
  2. Wouldn’t in any way help their careers
  3. And wouldn’t impact their livelihood in any way

But they did manage to take a lifelong dream away from a very kind, talented dad, who just loves taking shots of his son.

My congratulations to this group of sports shooters on being able to convince Florida State University to change their mind. You should be very proud, and celebrate this great day for sports photography.

Hi gang:
As I’m reading this, I can see some of you are blaming FSU for pulling his pass, but you need to read Mike Olivella’s comment from this morning (which he posted this morning here as a comment, and I’m reprinting below), which explains the issue in better detail.

I had never intended to point any blame at FSU whatsoever, but Mike does a better job of explaining it than I can, so please take a few moments and read Mike’s response below.

Mike Olivella says:

This is not FSU’s fault. Please do not misdirect your venom at FSU or its staff. This was all my fault for not having thought that it would be necessary for me to get approval from the Athletic Department to use my assitant’s credentials as a prize for the contest winner.

I receive 2 sets of credentials for each FSU home game. I am allowed to pick whoever I wish to fill the role. FSU has always trusted me to pick a responsible individual and so I did not think I needed to obtain approval from certain folks at FSU. I thought that by limiting the contest to folks 21 and over, and by picking someone who knew his or her way around photography, they would make a suitable assistant that would make the selection process irrelevant.

The problem is that the SportsShooter guys were fed a bunch of inaccurate info as to what the winner would be doing. They were not told that the winner would not be taking anyone else’s place on the sidelines, i.e. that regardless of whether I picked my assistant through the contest or through my normal means, I would have an assistant with me. They were also not told that the winner would be working, heling me shoot the game by carrying some of my gear and staying by my side.

Because they were not given all the info, and becasue I am not a member of SportsShooter, the SportsShooter guys assumed the worse and went off. With the pressure exerted by some of them, FSU asked me to pull the plug and I had no choice. Had it been properly vetted by me through the chain of command at FSU, they would have been prepared for the possible firestorm and not been caught unaware.

If you want to blame anyone, blame me. I dropped the ball.

So, I tried to work with Scott so as to create a wonderful opportunity for somone to experience something they might never have a chance to do. In return, I have been embarrassed in Scott’s eyes for starting something and then not being able to deliver; I have embarrassed myself in front of all of you, who entered the contest assuming I would deliver; I have embarrassed myself in front of FSU and have apologized to every member of the Sports Information Department and other Departments for having caused them unnecessaru grief. I received countless hate e-mails from Sportshooter members and was called every name in the book (and told by some that they would “look me up” on their next visit to Tallahassee).

It hasn’t been a good last couple of weeks. But it starts and ends with me, not FSU. My humble apologies to all of you for my having let you down.