A Very Brief Friday Update


Hi Gang:
It’s 1:49 am, and I’m up working on my seminar presentation tomorrow in Orlando, but I’ve about hit the wall (so I’ll hitting the sack), I just wanted to say a quick thank you now, because I’ll be at the seminar all day tomorrow.

First, thanks to everyone who posted here, or who contacted me yesterday with a kind word and offers to help our contest winner Alex. By 7:30 am yesterday morning I had already received emails from SIDs at a number of University’s offering to let Alex shoot on their sidelines, and I had offers of everything from major rock band concert shoots for him, to free software and gear loaners for Alex (read this post from Matt Lange for example). I heard from everybody from software developers, camera companies, accessory companies, to some of the biggest name photographers in our industry—-you name it. It was an amazing day!

So gang, don’t spend another day focusing on the all bitterness. Instead, lets celebrate the great things that happened, like first-class act Scott Bourne, at PhotoFocus.com who contacted me and is sending a gift box to Alex, which includes:

  • The entire Nik Software plug-in suite (Brand new in a box),
  • A Think Tank Photo Rotation 360 in the box,
  • and a brand new Expo Disk from Expo Imaging.

Scott didn’t want any exposure or credit whatsoever for sending these to Alex. Too bad—-he did a kick-butt thing and I want everyone to know!!!!

Anyway gang, don’t worry—-with all the offers I got yesterday, Alex will be on the sidelines very soon (also don’t worry—–I won’t mention it until he’s done it, so he doesn’t get torpedoed once again).

Also, I want to thank my buddy Mike Olivella for being such a stand-up guy, and I think a lot of people really recognized and appreciated that. That’s a rare trait these days and I’m prouder than ever to call him my friend.

I hope everybody, including all the sports photographers on both sides of this issue, have their best weekend ever, and next week let’s put this silly stuff behind us, and move on to stuff that really matters (like who the Bucs are going to choose for their starting Quarterback). Just kidding! Have a great one!!!

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