Daily Archives December 2, 2022

Few things are more exciting for a photographer than when a B&H Photo shipping box arrives at your door, and today was that day! I had been shooting a Canon EOS R6 for the past few years, and I wasn’t really planning on updating when I heard the R6 Mark II announcement, but then I made a fatal mistake.

When I was out at the OPTICWEST Conference in Monterey last month, I stopped by the Canon booth, and they had a pre-release model, and I held it and played around with it (huge mistake), so my next step was the B&H Photo booth (which happened to be directly next to the Canon booth) to arrange to sell them my used R6 (they buy used gear) and upgrade to the R6 Mark II, and well…it arrived today and I’m giddy (a term used by old folks. No me, mind you. Actual old folks).

I was actually inspired by a buddy of mine, who had gone to Mirrorless but was still hanging on to a bunch of his old DLSR gear and lenses, and while we were on the phone, I convinced him to go to B&H’s Used Dept and see what they would give him for the old gear (you get an instant online offer on their site). I kid you not – he got over $5,000 for gear he hadn’t used in years. Well, that inspired me, and I’m about to ship them a bunch more of the DSLR gear I don’t use anymore so I can get a new R-mount 70-200mm (and I’m probably going with the f/4 instead of the f/2.8 because I hardly ever get to shoot it at f/2.8, and it’s lighter and cheaper and still sharp as anything).

Here’s my current loadout

OK, so the new R6 Mark II is my main camera body. I don’t really carry a backup body, so my iPhone is my backup camera unless I’m shooting something critical, like a wedding or a sporting event. I use three lenses (seen below):

  1. A Canon RF-mount (for mirrorless) 24-240mm lens (my favorite all-around travel lens) below left.
  2. A Canon RF-mount 14-35mm Lens (mostly for shooting interiors when I travel) below center.
  3. A Tamron 150-600mm lens for shooting aviation (I use an adapter, so I can use this on my mirrorless)

I have some other gear, but mostly for shooting sports (I still have two 1Dx’s and a 400mm f/2.8, and some other various lenses, like an F/1.2 85mm, but that’s one I’m probably selling off as mentioned above).

I am super digging having a simplified loadout, and most of the time, especially when I’m traveling, I’m just using that 24-240mm anyway. One body, and one lens….awwww, yeah! :)

I’ll let you know more once I’ve had a chance to shoot with the Mark II, but I’m just so excited I had to share it with you. Have a great weekend, and hope to see you back here next week! :)


P.S. Next Wednesday at 1PM ET on ‘The Grid,’ it’s our annual Holiday Gear Guide show with my special in-house guest, the one and only Vanelli. Lots of great gift ideas for the photographer on your holiday gift list. :)