5 inspiring landscape photographers

#TravelTuesday here at ScottKelby.com means that Dave Williams is in the house! So here I am! I’m Dave, and I’m a travel photographer and writer from the UK. Today I have an awesome chunk of inspiration for you in the form of a list – everybody loves a list!

January is a challenging time of year. Those of you who haven’t yet received wages since December, my thoughts are with you! January can also be anti-climatic, and inspiration can come few and far between. It’s for that reason I want to share some inspiring landscape photographers with you today. If you want some inspiration, or you want some new accounts to follow, this is your lucky day! Let go!


Jaeyoun Ryu is a Korean landscape photographer who has an incredible way of showing trees and water in their absolutely best light. All the images on Jaeyoun’s feed seem to take anything hectic and slow it right down, expressing tranquility and solitude within incredibly peaceful scenes.


Kai Hornung hails from Germany and has a similar Nordic passion to myself. Kai excels at colourful, long exposure landscape photography, pushing into the realms of fine-art. There’s a gentle balance of light, and some superb compositions featuring familiar sights caught in unfamiliar ways.


Jan Erik Weider from Germany has an amazing account focussing on the details of the north. You’ll find triptychs throughout his feed, each focussing on a different element, including icebergs, glaciers, waves, mountains, rivers, it’s all there. Each shot is a careful balance of colour and tone, and perfectly representative of the cold, dark north.


Next up is AJ Rezac who is busy touring the world in his van. With no specific focus, his account is all about the freedom of exploring the beauty our planet has to offer. AJ does a great job in not only portraying the world in a great way, but in capturing some compelling and creative selfies in the process. AJ has clearly discovered his colour palette and the feed is on fire!


Last but not least, this is Asa Steinarsdottir from Iceland. Everybody knows that Iceland is my favourite spot on the planet, but I’ve tried to not let that influence the 5 photographers I’ve picked here. Asa has a gift for bringing warmth out of cold places, it’s truly inspirational. There’s literally ice and snow, yet it feels like you can give the photo a hug! Her adventures around Iceland and around the world combine with her awesome eye for landscapes in this lit feed.

And that’s 5! I hope to have brought some joy and some inspiration to your Tuesday, and I’ll be back next week with something a little different. In the meantime, don’t feel obliged to check out my Insta too, but if you’d like to it’s right here: –


Until next time, team!

Much love

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