There’s a bunch of ways to remove the background behind your subject or product or logo, but I betcha didn’t know about this one (or it ya did, I bet ya forgot about it):

Do you live in Ft. Lauderdale?
Are you at least within driving distance? OK, how about a short flight? In either case, you should come out to my seminar there on June, 9th. It’s going to be epic! Ticket info here.

Have a great one everybody, and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow for another in my 10-part series. :)



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  1. Thanks for this one, Scott. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to do this without knowing that this tool existed. It was like trying to write a paragraph but using only five or six letters…

  2. Thanks, Scott. I did not know that tool existed. I could have used it about two weeks ago. I also learned a second thing. I didn’t know it was only Union Jack when on a ship.

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  4. Scott, when you say “click” is that a right click or … I am clicking, but getting no erasing. Thanks, love your tips.

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