50% Off All Kelby Training Apps!

For the next 48 (ish1) hours, you can get any and all2 of the iOS apps from Kelby Training for HALF PRICE!!

Not only that, but the Lightroom 4 Crash Course app was just added, and is also available during this time for just $4.99!

Head over to the Apple App Store before 3:00pm1 ET Thursday, July 5, to take advantage of this opportunity.

1 The iOS store may take time to update its prices, so time frame is approximate. In other words, grab it as soon as you see the sale price!
2 Light It Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine are not included in this sale

  1. Shawn here! Just wanted to tell everyone that the sale price has been entered into iTunes and is slowly moving to iTunes stores.  So if you see $9.99 wait for a bit until you see $4.99, it will eventually change! :)

    If you tap buy when the price says $9.99, you will probably pay $9.99!  

  2. Heads up to Scott and crew: I just bought the LightRoom 4 Crash course and I’m getting an error through iTunes saying that part of the download seems to be corrupt :(. I also downloaded the Photoshop CS5 Crash course and it downloaded just fine.

    1. Did you download on your phone, iPad, computer? Don’t worry, looking into it now, it’s possible iTunes messed up copying the file to various stores, you never know that’s out of our control. Worst case scenario, if it is corrupted we can fix it by reuploading to itunes and you will be able to redownload without paying again (so you’ll get the sale price)

      1. Shawn I was able to get the file downloaded. I was downloading it using iTunes and not directly to the device. 1 GB over  wifi isn’t something I really wanted to do :). Not sure what the problem was but it seems to be corrected now.

    2. Hey Zach, I was able to purchase and download the LR4 crash course with out issue. Maybe your purchased happened while iTunes was changing the price? Not sure, but try the download now and if still work feel free to contact me directly through my site’s contact page (anythingsimple.com).

      You could also try downloading the app from iTunes and syncing, instead of downloading directly to the device. Maybe a more stable Internet connection will help?

      Let me know if you still have problems!

  3. … and here I thought the Light It mag might be available for Android. Any idea when its going to be out of beta? What is going to be the distribution channel when it does become available?

  4. Hi Brad already have some of the crash courses . So pleased to see Cory add Crash course for CS6. So
    Dissapointed when I downloaded. It’s missing the vid on Lighting Effects. Deleted app 3 times and still no video for that chapter. Hope we are not going to have another endless wait like we had with LightIt mag. As body else get this problem

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