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Hi Everybody:
I just thought I’d pop in here real quick just to let you know something that I hope you already know, but just in case you weren’t sure: I absolutely, positively read each and every comment you post here on the blog. In fact, not only do I read them here on the site, each comment is emailed directly to me, and even forwarded to my iPhone as well, so I often read them even when I’m away from my computer.

Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to, I usually can’t respond to individual comments or technical questions, or I wouldn’t have time left to teach classes, write articles, or books, do Photoshop User TV, play with my kids, go to dinner with my wife, etc.

There are so many times where I really want to jump in and answer a question or clarify things, but I’m already devoting so much time to the blog that if I devote any more my co-workers, family, friends, etc. will grab torches and pitchforks and start gathering outside my door, so I hope you understand.

Your comments do shape what I have planned for the blog (for example, next week I’m planning a “Seven-Point-System Q&A” based on the questions people are posting in here about the book, like how to use Smart Objects with Lightroom, and if “The System” is compatible with CS2, and Elements, and so on).

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am listening (OK, reading), and that I love hearing from you all. It really makes me feel connected to the great folks who come by here each day, and I’ve met so many great people (and made so many new friends) through this blog.

I’ve gone shooting with people I’ve met from the blog, taken advice from your posts, and even bought products and services based on your recommendations, because I really feel like we’re all in this together. I know you all have placed a lot of trust in me (which I never take for granted), and in turn, I put my trust in you. I count on you guys; I care about what you think, and I value what you have to say.

It’s that interaction that makes this whole process not only very rewarding for me, but an awful lot of fun. I’m really glad you’re here, and thanks for hangin’ in with me. It’s gonna be a really amazing year, and I’m glad you’re going to be a part of it. :-)

I’ve got a number of posts today, so make sure you scroll on down and catch ’em all.

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