My First Lame Tag Line of 2008


I thought that after all these years it would be impossible to top my most magical of all tag lines (the now famous “Matt Kloskowski is Rockin’ the Houseski”). Not only did it help turn Matt into a household name, it helped untold thousands around the world properly pronounce Matt’s last name—a name which Matt himself will tell you has been mispronounced again and again ever since he was a young boy in the streets of Gdansk.

But this week, lightning struck once again while I was chatting with Photoshop Hall of Famer Eddie Tapp, who was at the Kelby Training studios working on some online training classes for us. We were talking and all of a sudden it just hit me. The tag line that will propel Eddie into more fame and fortune (if that’s even possible), is…..(wait for it……wait for it…..)……“Holy Crap—It’s Eddie Tapp!” (Come on, admit it; that’s gold, baby! Gold!!!!! It’s almost too perfect.).

This new slogan has already been spotted on car bumpers (see above—click for zoomed-in version), and Eddie is talking with the folks at Gap, Inc. about creating a line of t-shirts with that slogan, and a direct to DVD movie is already in the works. OK, I’m making all this up, but as lame tag lines go, I think it’s among my lamest (this is all just to tease our good friend Eddie. We love him, and he knows it). Look for Eddie’s new slogan to appear in stores nationwide this spring. ;-)

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