If you’re thinking the ol’ blog here is ready for a fresh coat of paint, I’m with ya on that one, and I’m happy to announce that sometime this week we’re going to flip-the-switch on a new redesigned look and functionality for this blog.

It starts with a logo design (see above) created by my good friend, and Kelby Media Group Creative Director Felix Nelson, who combined my photography with book authoring into one simple logo that covers both.

After that, my in-house Web designer Fred Maya customized a new WordPress template for me, which gives me the ability to post larger sized photos with my posts (which means less having to click to see a larger version), plus a nice large sized-gallery at the top of the blog and a update of my portfolio, too (thanks to RC Concepcion for that piece of the puzzle).

There’s lots of functionality tweaks for me, since we pretty much started over from scratch with this one, but one that I hope you all will like is a new, much-updated and improved Commenting feature (the one I’ve been using is pretty darn old and outdated). The new look isn’t radically different from the existing one, but it definitely has some advantages for me, and hopefully for you, too!

Anyway, look for the new look this week, and my thanks to Felix for the logo, and to Fred who has been working on this update for a while and has tweaked it more times than any of us can count (since I’ve had a hard time making up my mind).

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