I’m so honored to have received the ASP International Award

A heartfelt thank you to the American Society of Photographers (http://www.asofp.com/) for presenting me with their ASP International Award (below). Here’s a little bit about the award from the ASP:

“Our Society presents this award annually to a firm or person that we feel has contributed in a special or significant way to the ideals of Professional Photography as an art and a science.”

It’s a tremendous honor to receive this award, particularly given the previous recipients, including George Hurrell, Dr. Edwin Land (inventor of the Polaroid), Thomas Knoll, Jay Stock, Graham Nash, and Robert Farber among others.

I would like to thank all the talented and gifted photographers who?ve taught me so much over the years: Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Vincent Versace, Bill Fortney, David Ziser, Jim DiVitale, Helene Glassman, Anne Cahill, Kevin Ames, Frank Doorhof, Jack Reznicki and Jay Maisel. I’m greatly indebted to these amazing photographers and I share this award with them.

I found a wonderful place in my office to keep this beautiful award, and each time I look at it I’ll be reminded of the recipients who came before me and how truly humbled and grateful I am to the American Society of Photographers to have presented me with this prestigious award.

  1. Congrats Scott! I think it’s a well placed award. As you learned from the photographers you mentioned, you are part of the teaching team for others of us.

  2. Huge congrats, Scott! A heck of an honor, but you deserve it. You’re an inspiration to us all with everything you manage to do in your life.


  3. When you think about it, they had to recognize you. Who else has a half million people hanging on their every word about photography. Peach Pit’s told you that you’re the best selling author on photography (and Photoshop) for what, the past ten years or so? No one, ever, had influenced as many people interested in photography. Congrats. Nice honor. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading.

  4. Congratulations, Scott! Well deserved. Please keep taking whatever you’re taking to keep your energy level up. It make me tired just watching you…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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