A Little Girl Needs Our Help (and four quick things to take us into the weekend)

(1) A little girl really needs our help
If you saw “The Grid” this week, you heard us talk about SavingEliza.com — a site where photographers have banded together to sell prints of their work to help raise money to save a darling little 4-year-old girl who is suffering from a degenerative genetic disease called Sanfilippo syndrome. It’s a heartbreaking story but take a moment to watch this video about Eliza and her disease (there is a cure, but it is incredibly expensive).

My friend, UK-based photographer and teacher Glyn Dewis let me know about this project, and following in his footsteps I added one of my images (see the red arrow above) to the fund-raising, life-saving project (each photographer pledges to raise $1,000 from the sale of their prints).

I hope you’ll consider picking up one of my prints, or any of the photographers who have pitched in to help by visiting this link; click on the photo you’d like a print of to help Eliza, then click the “BUY” button in the lower right corner and it brings up a window will all different sizes, papers, and prices. The photo community is awesome for coming together for important things like this and I hope you’ll join in by buying a print and become part of her cure.


(2) Time Lapse photography is really hot right nowâ¦
…and we just released a new online class from Tom Bol yesterday at KelbyOne.com (we release a new class every week). I talked with Tom when he was here taping the class and he has a really simple, very clever, and really fun time lapse technique so if you’re a KelbyOne Member, make sure you check it out (here’s the link).

(3) Brad during yesterday’s location shoot for my new book (Part 5)
Don’t ask. I will say this — working with Brad on a shoot isâ¦wellâ¦it’sâ¦wellâ¦it’s a whole lotta stuff like this. I could make a book of Brad test shots that would probably win me a Pulitzer. Just sayin’

(4) Wedding photographers — this week’s “The Grid” was for you!
We had two AWESOME in-studio guests: Atlanta-based wedding photography team  Justin Wojtczak and Justin McGough from 375photography.com (the guys who won the fstoppers.com wedding photography behind-the-scenes contest). They totally rocked the show — lots of great tips, insights, and business advice. If you haven’t seen the episode, it’s right above — you’ll dig it.

(5) My thanks to you all!
My thanks to you all! At Photoshop World, my awesome book publisher (Peachpit Press) surprised me at the start of my Lightroom Photo Books class to present me with the award you see below for being the #1 bestselling photography book author for 2013 (read the full release here).

I’m indebted to my incredible team here at KelbyOne (Kim, Cindy, Jessica, Felix and his wonderful crew), and to Nancy, Scott and Ted and all the great crew at Peachpit who publish my books.

Most importantly, my humble thanks to all of you who buy my books and give me the opportunity to be able to do any of this in the first place. I couldn’t do it any of this without any of you, so just ‘thanks.” It means more than you know. :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday



  1. Congrats for the award Scott. I’ve read many of your books and I don’t have any problem to understand why you won again this year. You’re info are golden.
    Have a nice weekend
    Nick from sunny Switzerland (at least today)

  2. Scott – congratulations on the book. The help for the girl is a great cause. I would love to see more local community help to worthy under privileged kids who don’t stand a chance of success or even survival without help from others. Finally while your latest book is great, by far your jesus thing book is your most important work.

  3. Congratulations once again for the award, Scott. Well deserved! Have you set aside a room in your home for all these trophies? :-) I only got to see the start of the Grid this week, but I did hear your Salt Flats story. I bet Brad was glad he wasn’t driving….he would never live that down!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Congrats Scott, just got in from a long trip, I’ll order a print when I recuperate. Suggestion: class on LrTimelapse software (by Gunther Wegner of Germany). It’s a must fore time-lapse!

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