I just boarded my flight home from what can only be described as a perfect day of sports shooting. I’m at full happy. :)

I got up early and caught the first flight out to Chicago today to join my buddy Mike McCaskey for a day of shooting the Chicago Cubs at the wonderful Wrigley Field. We had all access photo creds, and just had a field day (no pun intended). The iPhone photo of me above, after the game, was taken by Mike.

I’m getting home late, so I won’t have time to blog tonight, or look to see if I got any shots (didn’t bring my laptop), but I hope to have a post with shots and more details tomorrow.

They’re going to close the cabin doors so I gotta run.

Have a great Monday, and I’ll check in with ya tomorrow right here. :)


P.S. I got the upgrade! This day keeps gettin’ better and better! Whoo hoo!!!

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Happy Shooting Day :D

    waiting for tomorrow

  2. It’s good to do the stuff you like. Safe travels.

  3. Happy Shooting Day

    waiting for tomorrow

  4. The way the Cubs are playing maybe you should have left the camera home and packed some thing else.

  5. At least Cincinnati won! I would have loved to have been there.

  6. Scott,
    I have talked to the folks at Mandalay and they have told me I can ship all my “stuff” to them for PSW. I can’t decide if this is safe with expensive gear. According to the staff there, it is safe and my things would be waiting for me. What suggestions do you have and have you ever shipped your equipment and luggage like this? I have the Think Tank Airport but it sure would be nice to fly without pulling any luggage!

    PS- via US Airways

    • OK, has anyone ever done this?

      • I have safely shipped baggage directly to hotels before.


        – You can ship in advance.
        – You can track your shipment, and know of any problems with delivery before you leave, especially if you arrange it to arrive the day before you get there.
        – It’s waiting for you when you get there.


        – Requires planning and advance notice (obviously, you know you’re attending PSW, not a less than 7 days notice trip).
        – It can cost JUST as much to ship directly to hotel as schlep it either hand carried or in baggage claim. (however, there’s that “pro” of tracking number above)
        – You are dependent on the availability of the concierge/bell person to deliver your stuff to your room.
        – It costs money to retrieve your items from the hotel – most hotels charge a “receiving and storage fee” and some do it by weight/size of the package.

        Hope this helps!


      • I bought a $400 printer and had it shipped to the hotel I would be staying in. When I arrived the printer was behind the desk. Someone will have to sign for the package if it’s over $800–UPS. Plus you will be required to take out insurance. Ship it.

      • Thanks, I have decided to carry on my flight after feedback from other folks too, I do thank you for your help!!

  7. Can’t wait to see the photos, Scott! Will you be getting some football shots whenthe season starts up, or is it a “wait and see” thing when getting all-access passes for you?


  8. Did I see you running to the media box with a huge lens attached near the bottom of the fist inning or the top of second inning? LOL I was at the game also, sitting several rows back behind home plate. Sadly, it was a bad day (that is, another bad day!) for the Cubbies. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the photos. I’m predicting great shots of the Cubs’ errors and great shots of the Reds’ strong batting and fielding.

    • Hi David:
      That wasn’t me. I spent the first three or four innings in one place just getting settled and into the groove. After that, I was all over the place—-both media pits—behind home plate, under the scoreboard, up in the pressbox, from the upper deck—you name it. :)

      Sorry about the Cubbies loss. I have to hand it to the Cubs fans—even in a tough year like this, they still really support their team, and that’s great to see. :)


  9. Go Cubs Go, Hey Chicago What’d Ya Say, The Cubs are gonna win today……Well there’s always next year.

    The Mantra of the Cubs Fan……”There’s always next year!” or… “Bring on the Bears!!!!”

    This is going to be a good year for the Bears. Have my fingers crossed and hopefully I will be shooting them a few times for the local paper.

    Tom Quinn

  10. Hey Scott , I was asked to shoot for the Charleston Riverdogs minor league team ( N.Y. Yankees affiliate ). Like you I didn’t stay in the photo pitt. I moved all over that park. Good baseball in Charleston S.C. if you ever want a vacation/shoot . Looking forward to see what you see in a baseball game.

    Johnny Gasque

  11. Hey Scott,
    You are so blessed, but you know that. I’m just glad that I get to see the Rangers & Red Sox on the 14th & 15th. Sure wish I could get a pass like you just had. I’m in the upper deck so I probably won’t even take my good body & glass. I’ll simply enjoy the games in this stifling summer heat.
    Three weeks from this moment I will be at the OKC airport ready to board my flight to Vegas. I’m so excited!

  12. Boy are you connected! Lots of friends in all the right places..Looking forward to seeing some BB shots!

  13. I want to be Scott Kelby for just one day.

  14. Hi Scott,

    Sounds like a great weekend by any standard. I’ve just returned from five weeks of photography in Alaska and the Yukon. Did I miss anything? :-)

    Trev J.

  15. Sounds like an awesome day! Can’t wait to see the results!

  16. OK, Scott…looking forward to seeing these shots. I have a deal for ya…get me onto the sidelines to shoot a college football game and I’ll take you to my secret waterfall location to shoot with one of my gorgeous models when you come up for the motorcycle races. ;)

  17. Scott, when you shoot sports do you use anything on top of your monopod, or do you connect the lens directly to the monopod? I was looking at the really right stuff “monopod solution” to use with my monopod. Do I really need it?

  18. Scott, How is your Apple Time Capsule holding up? The reviews barely make 3 stars, and I really need something like that right away. Thank you very much.

  19. Off topic – But I hear Frank Doorhof is down in your parts….. we are dying to hear see anything on him! Lets hear/see it Scott!

  20. Hi Scott,

    Looks like a helluva way to spend a sunny afternoon. I just got back from five weeks of photography in Alaska and the Yukon. Did I miss anything interesting? :-)

    Have a great week.

  21. Great post Scott. My wife and I had the opportunity to go to Wrigley on July 4th at the beginning of our cross-country trip. I’m a diehard yanks fan, but Wrigley was just as impressive if not more so then old Yankee Stadium. Here’s one from down the left field line. Hope it’s okay to post an image in here, if not I’ll gladly remove it :)



  22. Hi Scott,

    I asked a question yesterday regarding whether you used a monopod when you shot at Wrigley Field. I don’t see it here as a post. I’m a newbie and I hope it wasn’t too basic of a question. I wondered if you used, or have used in the past, the Really Right Stuff “Monopod Solution” when you shot with a monopod. My question is whether it’s necessary, or is it best to just connect the lens directly to the monopod?

  23. Hey scott check out my Photo essay-Wrigley field on a perfect day. I thinkyou will like it!

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