A Quick Look-Back at Photoshop World Orlando

(Above: Here’s a peek at “Pre-Conference Workshop” day, the day before Photoshop World begins).

Wow — What an incredible week! I’m gonna skip the 1,000 words and just let these short videos tell the story. Our video crew (led by Erik Kuna) produces these each day during the conference, and then at the Wrap Up Rally at the end we show them as part of our closing ceremonies and it really gives you a wonderful day-by-day insight into what happens during the Photoshop World Conference & Expo.

(Above: Here’s a look at “Day One,” including the opening Keynote [Top-Gun Theme] and our party at B.B. Kings).

My personal thanks to everyone who was a part of our East Coast Photoshop World Conference & Expo — can’t wait to see you all again in Vegas in the fall. Hope you enjoy the videos till then. Cheers, —Scott

(Above: Highlights from “Day Two,” and a peek at Midnight Madness!).

(Above: Here’s our look at the final day, “Day Three,” and the wrap up of an incredible week!)

Lastly, here’s a few of my favorite photos from the week, (Photos by Brad Moore and Anthony Newman):




  1. Off the subject of PS World: I’m watching how Adobe tries to position Creative Cloud with the eventual upgrades for LR and PS (love de-blur BTW). But it does irk me a little that PS on the Creative Cloud is being marketed as having exclusive features (they will appear on the next release, I assume). But what really irks me on “http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud.html” that for “photographers” LR is for organizing. Arggh!

  2. Terrific videos, Scott! You guys must have had a blast. Wish I had made Orlando this year, but I’ll have to wait until Atlanta next year. Now when are you coming to Boston?? :-)


  3. I’m slightly concerned about Pete, seeing as the only dance partner he could get was a pineapple. And if I hadn’t actually met Glyn and Dave before, I would’ve thought they were siamese twins. :) Missed everybody at Orlando, but I’ll see everybody in Vegas!

  4. Can someone tell me what happened to the Photowalk that was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon from 5:30 to 8:00? I signed up for it and was told by staff to meet at the registration desk which I did along with a lot of other people who were told the same thing. We all waited until around 6:00 p.m. and I even went to check again that we were in the correct meeting place. I never got a message that it had been canceled and just wanted to know if I was given wrong information. I was really looking forward to it and disappointed no one showed up to tell us anything about it.

  5. This was my first Photoshop World and I really had a great time and really came away with some great tips, ideas and inspiration to help ratchet things up a notch in my own work. I think the highlight for me was the very last class I was in on the Business of Sports Photography where Dave Black was really “no holds barred” in an intense, but cordial,l discussion with a fellow attendee behind me who kept arguing that there is no one anyone can make a living in sports photography. Dave’s response is what really inspired me. Paraphrasing it here a bit but the answer was that you have got to make sacrifices, strive for excellence, set yourself apart and do whatever it takes to succeed. Yes, indeed Brother Dave, the truth shall set you free. Looking forward to the next PSW, if not LV, then definitely Atlanta next spring. Great job and props to everyone at Kelby Media for an awesome and inspirational week.

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