A Quick Video Tip From My New Location Lighting Class

Hi Gang: Last week we released a new class I did on location lighting, in this case using the Elinchrom ELB 400 battery pack and heads, but even if you don’t have this awesome little kit, I think you’ll still get a ton out of the class.

Below I pulled out a little two-minute and 16-second clip — it’s an idea of what to do when you get stuck in a situation where you don’t have a great shooting location or you have a challenging one. It’s a simple tip, but it works like a charm (it’s not the first shot you see me take in this clip — wait for the second shotthat’s the keeper!). Check it out below:


So what you just saw was 2:18 seconds, which is just 1/2 of one lesson in a class that has 16 full lessons, shot in four different locations, plus what we did in the studio going through the gear, settings, how it all works. You can watch the entire class for 20 bucks. $20. That’s it. But, for that $20 you unlock every other class we have online, too — for 30-full days. All my classes. Everybody’s classes. All of ’em. Unlimited. For 30-days. That’s a freakin’ great deal. Here’s the trailer about the class, so you know more of what you’re getting:

I really want you to take my class. The feedback so far has been fantastic — people are digging it — they’re learning a lot. Especially for $20 (Ok, it’s technically $19.99).

You can sign up for it right here, and watch it right now. Or tonight. Or the week after that. You can watch it two times. 10 times. It’s up to you — you’ve got a 30-day unlimited membership so watch as much as you want, when you want. I just want you to watch it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. I work really hard on these classes — to make them fun; to make learning easy; and to teach you a lot in a short amount of time, because your time is important. I hope you really get a lot out of ’em.

I’m off to Detroit today for my seminar tomorrow. Hoping I’ll run into you there. :)



P.S. By the way — the shot at the top of this post; the one of the bride descending the staircase — that’s covered in this class as well. How I lit it, shot it, etc. You can do the same thing, with just one flash, too! 

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  1. Hi Scott, I really enjoyed this class and was checking every Thursday to see if had been released after you mentioned it on an episode of The Grid. This Kit seems as if Elinchrom hit a home run. I was wondering what head you chose and used in the class, the pro or action head? Thanks for all the hard work you do put into these classes that keep me coming back for more.

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