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  1. GREAT class today! Learned enough in the 1st 20 minutes to pay for the seminar. The rest was just gravy. Good gravy! Thanks for the knowledge, keeping on schedule and for the humor. The day past quickly and I can’t wait to try out and develop my newly learned skills.

  2. I had a BLAST at Friday’s seminar. It was my first one and I felt like I should have paid the 100 bucks just for the first hour. Learned a ton, head swiming a bit but the book is wonderful in that I can go back and refresh myself with any of the things we learned. Only sad part was not winning the tickets to Florida. Oh well, maybe I can go to a different one in the future. It looks like a good time.

  3. Scott you rock. The session today was awesome! I agree that it was well worth the $100, not only because of the incredible information but all of the goodies received. What I don’t understand is how one person (Scott) does sooooo much! I know he has an awesome crew but he appears to be the Ryan Seacrest of photography. Thanks for all you guys do!!!

  4. I concur! I’ve been to several NAPP/Kelby Training seminars over the last few years and each one has been its own cornucopia of Photoshop knowledge. Great job yesterday Scott! I loved the Printing portion of the day, I learned so much right in that session alone.
    Hope your flight back was good.

  5. Wow! I actually made it to Scott’s blog (third short person on the right.) Seriously, I learned in one day what would have taken me many moons to research, process, try, and apply on my own–so yes the price of this seminar far outweighs the cost, I agree (Scott K, pretend you didn’t read this last phrase, so please keep these events affordable :) Scott’s presentation skills, humor, voice modulation and above all the content he shared, made this seminar a truly rewarding experience. Thanks to Scott’s support staff as well.

    1. Raul, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I learn a lot of Photoshop stuff from Scott, however, his teaching technique is in my tool bag without a doubt. I feel students learn a lot better if they can have fun, laugh, get quality information, and not be bored out of their mind with technology mumbo jumbo. Just because you know more than some students, you shouldn’t talk “down” to them. Scott Kelby is very good with all of these attributes. His staff is excellent as well. I don’t know how so few do so much.

  6. It was a great seminar and the crowds to ask questions at breaks and afterwards was crazy. I talked to some other pro guys and told them I was coming to the seminar, and they said it was a waste of money since I am already established in my field. I went into it wit a open mind knowing that if you payed attention you can learn a little something from anyone, and I must say you helped me with some workflow issues even though our raw processing is pretty similar. I recommend this event to anyone from Amateur to Pro. This seminar is another great reason why when I was interviewed for a artist profile in a Automotive Publication I listed the Photoshop guys as influences in my work because you dont try to talk over your crowds head like alot of instructors,but still teach advanced lessons……..Thanks for everything

  7. Hey Scott, HELP!!!
    I will be at the LAST night launch of the space shuttle on February 7th!
    HELP! I cannot find ANYTHING of help as to how to photograph this event! I was able to obtain VIP Invitation only passes, (I have a rocket scientist for a neice) which puts me in the closest available viewing area. I REALLY don’t want to squander this opportunity! Thank you!

  8. Hey Scott, Thanks again for coming to Arlington, Tx and sharing your knowledge and your talent for teaching. I had to come back to the studio that night, to tackle a ton of retouching and found myself throwing techniques into the mix that I picked up Fri! I would think, hey let’s knock out that iris ring, “kachow”- hmm, hit those hi lights, “kachow”-zap that blemish, “pffssheeww!”…then I had to take break, it was getting way to noisy…

    Incidentally, my travel assistant came with me and his name is Ke Chau, so every time you would say, “kechow” his head would whip around. (I may have to take him to a chiropractor).

    Thanks again, Scott, another fine job! (That’s my blue elbow in the photo up top)

  9. Went to your seminar and it was great. Learned a lot and even signed up for NAPP membership and have been using it since I got home Friday! Looking forward to when you stop by Arlington again!

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