A step-by-step plan for becoming a better photographer in 2013

During the live broadcast of this episode we had over 1,200 comments from viewers (which is just amazing in itself), but since then we’ve heard from so many people who said last week’s episode of “The Grid” was our most helpful episode ever!

In it, Matt and I shared a real-world, step-by-step plan for really improving your photography in the coming year and a lot of folks have let us know it’s already changed the way they think about their photography.

Make sure you watch the episode all the way to the end — we wrap-up with some really important stuff. I hope you find the episode useful, and thanks to everyone who has supported us on “The Grid” this year.

  1. I caught it live Scott and have watched the rebroadcast. From these viewing I have created an action plan for 2013 using the points you and Matt made. Thanks for the guidance!!

  2. Scott, the theme of finding one’s niche as a photographer is good advice. It allows one to focus on only the most relevant tutorials and articles. For me, it was digital painting in photoshop and looking to the work of American artist Edward Hopper as a template. This selective process gives you a destination and a road that will get you there in contrast to the old adage that for someone who doesn’t know where they are going, any road will take him or her there.

  3. I went back and re-watched this, but couldn’t find the bit about “napathon” Can anybody direct me. A Google search wasn’t very helpful. I must have heard it wrong.

  4. You mention at the beginning of the video, about your CS6 book being on sale at peachpit.com. I searched for it, but it isnt on sale. Can you provide a direct link?

      1. thanks for letting me know,i got most of the other books u gave out on show but i need this for CS6 and my niksoftware-so i’ll be watching.Happy holidays

  5. That show was great, inspiring. Even before this episode I have been thinking about how I’m going to try and take my photography to the next level this next year. The Grid pushed me even further.

    One thing that has been on my list is to learn how to use strobes. You piqued my interest mentioning that you can buy a 500w Elinchrom strobe for cheap, but after spending several minutes searching, I’m having a hard time finding something similar. Would you (or anyone else) mind pointing me to a specific model or models? Thanks!

    1. Hey Brandon – Honestly, if I were you I’d check out Scott’s class called
      Light It. Shoot It. Retouch it – On a Budget with Hot Shoe Flash. It’s on Kelby Training and it’s getting incredible reviews. If you’re new to flash then it’s the perfect place to start (and Scott tells you exactly what equipment he’s using).

  6. Great episode guys! I would love to see Matt follow through this with a class on ‘Taking Sharp Photos’ as you mentioned on Kelby Training – pretty please!! That would be great. Keep up the great work. Kelby Training member for three years now and indebted to you guys for helping me become a better photographer!

  7. Fantastic episode Scott and Matt! Learned so much and now I can put your guidance into an action plan to make 2013 the best year for me as a photographer. Thank you!

  8. Hey guys – thoroughly enjoying this episode so far, but I had to hit pause and say that I absolutely disagree with you guys’ position on learning about art, texture, line, shadow, color theory, etc. I’m sure you can become a great photographer without it, but learning that stuff can only help photographers design better photographs. There’s a reason those kinds of things are included in the foundation classes when you go get your photography degree.

  9. I have tried to find PeachPit dot coms website to locate Scott’s book @ a wonderful price.
    No such luck.
    Could someone direct me to the website and locate Scott’s book @ this wonderful price. (I know it is an e-book.)
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Great episode! I would love to see Matt K do a course on family portraits and/or family lifestyle. I don’t see a lot of those in the kelbytraining library.

  11. I just caught this episode over the weekend, and it was a fantastic one. I used Evernote (Thanks Matt!) to note the steps, and how I can take those steps for 2013! Thanks guys!

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