It’s Free Stuff Thursday: Win My New iPhone 5 Book

I just got some copies of my new iPhone 5 book which is co-authored with my buddy Terry White (I take half the chapters and Terry takes the other half, which I affectionally call “the hard chapters.” LOL!).

Anyway, the whole book is just like my book series “The Digital Photography Book” — the same look, feel, layout, the whole one “one topic per page thing” and so if you like learning from that book you’ll feel right at home with our iPhone 5 book. It’s hitting stores any day now but you can win it  today as I’m giving away five copies — just leave a comment here and you’re entered to win. If you don’t win, you can still get your copy from Barnes& or (it’s only around $16 bucks and there’s a Nook and Kindle version of both) and be the first to get it.

Happy Free-Stuff Thursday! :)

  1. Trading my iphone 4 on for a 5 tonite. BTW, Tell Terry thanks after years of struggling with it, one of his vids finally made the penny drop on the PEN TOOL.

  2. Free stuff is awesome regardless, but awesome free stuff is just that much better! Winning this gift would be the icing in this Christmas cake! Just got a new iPhone and am adjusting slowly. Your books make everything understandable, knok on wood that it works out for me :) happy holidays to all!!

  3. Would LOVE to win this for my husband for his iPhone 5 (the awesome dude bought me a year’s sub to Kelby Training for Christmas – I figured I owe him now!). Cheers for the opportunity!

  4. iPhone 5 book already?!?! Love the speed of my new 5. Waiting for Scott to have the next book out prior to the next iPhone hitting the shelves!!! Then he’ll be the miracle man!

  5. If the iPhone 5 book is anything like the Photoshop CS6 book for digital photographers – it’ll be amazing. I just received mine after signing up for the NAPP at a super discounted rate (thanks to Scott). Good luck to all.

  6. Wow, I’ll be upgrading soon from my old abused 3S, I can’t wait to use the camera on my new phone, and I’m sure your book would be helpful (I know your lightroom 4 book has helped a lot!).

  7. Love your shows, wish you would devote one on setting up the D-800. I swore I would not use mine till I finished the owners manual. A week went by and broke down:( and love shooting with it! RC had some great suggestions. I shoot mainly bodybuilding, tanned bodies, harsh stage lighting, no flash, love to hear any of your suggestions. Keep up the great work!

  8. A Scott Kelby book (in any format) is like getting a map to a secret treasure! A digital camera/Photoshop without instructions from Scott is like having a car with no petrol! I don’t even care if I don’t win the book, I’m just glad it’s available!

  9. I’m not saying I should win but who is the one that tweets regularly about rearranging the books at B&N to put all my friends books in front so everyone can see them, just sayin. :)

  10. Longtime NAPP member, Kelbytraining member, various Kelby Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, etc. books and several seminars. Time for a freebie, Thanks Scott!

  11. Merry Christmas and happy New year Scott it will help me your new ebook for iPhone same like help me your 4 books. Those books are very helpfull for new photographer like me I read them 3 times and still finding good stuf I can learn. Keep up the good job and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Tibor

  12. I got an iPhone 5. I own the first and second “Digital Photography Books” and I honestly have to say they taught me more about how to take photos than anything else I’ve read, seen or heard. I’m excited about “The iPhone Book”.

  13. Eventually I will win one of these comment give-aways. Until then I just soak up the knowledge (don’t sorry Scott, I’ll continue reading even if I do win)!

  14. Looks like you’ve got another winner. Congratulations from an old man who first learned darkroom techniques in 1944, pro architectural photographer for 30 years retired in ’05 and am an 86 year old beginner again with digital.


  15. Scott, the first book I bought of yours was when I got my first iMac. It was so easy to read and learn from. Years later I began studying Photoshop and your books again helped me to learn quickly. Thanks!!

  16. Hi scott I’m trying to be a photographer and I’ve watched the grid, photography tips and tricks and all the others shows I love them just by watching all the shows I’ve learned more than if I went to school for a year thank you so very much. I’m on 500px can you look at my work and tell me what you think please. Well have a happy new year and I’ll keep watching thank you.

  17. Whether I win or not, another chance to thank you for all your inspiring teaching is an opportunity not to miss. Thanks, Scott. Just one more thing, will the “It’s a Jesus thing” book ever be available for Kindle? I know’s it on iBooks but prefer Kindle if that’s possible.

  18. I have the iPhone 5 and need a lot of help. This is my first smart phone and I am way behind the curve. Happy new year to you and all the other folks on your excellent team.


  19. I got my mother to get rid of her old flip phone and move to an iPhone 5 and I was wondering when your 5 book would come out. This would make a great birthday present for her!

  20. Scott, your work is inspiring in its own right and even more awesome that you love to help others grow in their love and skill in photography. I always learn when I view your books and work. Thank you for all you do. The humor is also greatly appreciated. Happy New Year, Linda G

  21. Scott,
    Even with help from Terry White how do you find time to write another book and do all the other great stuff that you do??
    Would love a copy of the new book to go with my new iPhone.

  22. I didn’t get the iPhone 5 for Christmas….but I did just get it today for my BIrthday! I’ve had android phones until now, I’m excited to join the iPhone network.

  23. I gave the boxed set of your four Digital Photography books to my son for Christmas and he is thrilled with all the easy to read information. I am too. Based on that, I know that your book will be perfect to help with the iPhone5 I bought just yesterday, my first ever smartphone.

  24. I have been having a ball with my iphone 5.So many things to learn but with the photo apps the darn thing is magic. A great new tool that I am trying to learn and use in my workflow.

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