End of Year Deals on Nikon D600 and D800

Saw this yesterday and I thought these deals might be perfect for someone who got a B&H Photo Gift Certificate for Christmas (or has just been saving up for a D600 or D800). The D600 kits have instant savings of $700 and come with all sorts of goodies (by the way, I have that Oben tripod it comes with and it rocks!). 

Here’s the direct links:

D600 (link)
D600 (with accessories for shooting DSLR video) link

D800 (link) [body only, but with lots of accessories)
D800E (link)

Looks like they expire tomorrow. Happy shopping everybody!

  1. Hey Scott, I have a D3 I use for shooting sports with a 400 2.8. Which of the above would you recommend as a second body for sports and/or portraits? I was considering buying a D4. I have an 80-200 2.8 that I have tried using on my D200 but it is terrible in low light.

    1. Hi Colleen ,
      if you shoot portraits then go for the low mp cams, even a used d3s or a d700 with Grip will be a perfect second body.D4 is actually overpriced for what it does more compared to a d3s. and the IQ/noise aint much better than d3s either.
      anyway ,d800 is a lot more demanding on the shooting technique ,if you want sharp pics like d3 you need to be very careful choosing the Shutter speeds. and the file sizes are too huge to process quickly if you are on time limited jobs.

      if you shoot portraits, then it´s a different story, you wont believe the difference in details it captures compared to the low mp bodies.
      it´s a great studio /landscape cam.
      am writing this cos i made the mistake of selling my d700 last month before i bought the d800,for casual shooting in low light the d700 gave me much more keepers(i dont mean AF , AF is great ,but handshake blur is my main problem now)
      but one cant resist the D800 at the prices they are selling it now:-)) it´s a great cam.

      1. Hi Colleen,

        correction – i meant to write “if you shoot SPORTS then go for low mp cams” above.

  2. This is a sweet deal! Pity I can’t get it from over here in Australia!

    I might make my girlfriend pick up some goodies while she’s in America in 6 months on holidays!

  3. I wish I waited to buy my D800. Not only would have I bought it at a lower price, but it would likely focused correctly. Never again will I buy a new release right after launch.

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