My good friend Moose Peterson wrote just a fantastic post on his blog last week called “Dreams can take flight”, and while it is about an experience he had in aviation photography where he captured some of those truly once-in-a-lifetime images, his story that led to the photos is about much more than that.

If you want to start off your Monday right, click right here. The images range from fascinating (the ones leading up to the shoot), to just “Wow—I’d have given anything to be there…” type of shots, but take the few minutes to read the whole story. Very powerful stuff, surrounded by very powerful images. You’ll be glad you checked this out.

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  1. indeed a wonderful Post. Thanks Scott and Moose!

  2. I am a big Moose fan. I wonder how difficult it was to capture that wonderful light on those aircraft. No doubt, a lot of time involved was spent just setting up the planes to get those wonderful shots.

  3. Fantastic post and great shots by Moose!!

  4. A well deserved opportunity for Moose and great pictures!
    I especially like the one with the sun reflected on the water (that’s in Scott’s post as well).

  5. Great post Scott and thanks for including the one from Moose Peterson. I can’t believe that RC will lend you his D3S. :)


  6. Thanks for this great post from Moose, Scott. Very inspirational words at the end.


  7. The P-38 has a long history. My dad was in AF for 20 years between 51-71. He is the one who got me started in photography in 1965. I can’t say enough about Moose, read his blog everyday! He was awesome at PSW Safari and the min I got the email for 2011 I signed up. If anyone has not been to Photoshop World then you are really missing out on a lifetime event, please go.
    Moose always takes time to help anyone who asks and (along with all the folks that took part in PSW) I thank you all!

  8. Awesome blog post! I’m very excited that in less than 2 weeks I might get to ride in the backseat of one of the Aeroshell Aerobatic T-6 Texans (keeping my fingers crossed for good fortune and good weather).

  9. You folks are all very kind! Thanks for taking time to read the story of an amazing shoot!

  10. Great post and story Moose. The Lightnings are awesome planes. Such a joy to see great photos of them in flight. Some day may be we can go take photos at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego. Have fun!

  11. Great story and some really great shots.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Saw Moose’s fantastic and moving post yesterday. So nice to see it mentioned here where so many more folks have a chance to hear about it!

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