A few weeks back, I did an interview with Sophia Betz from the blog “The Photoletariat” and one of the questions she asked me “Which photographers inspire you?”

Besides the ones I mention here on the blog (like Moose Peterson, Jay Maisel, Dave Black, and Jeremy Cowart, among others), I listed a number of other photogs whose work I go to when I want to be inspired. People whose work makes me want to grab my camera and start shooting.

The list wound up being so long that Sophia asked if she could run it as a separate post, and last week she did. Here’s the link to the list of photographers that inspire me—some very well known (like Joe McNally) and some you may not have heard of, but I find myself going back to their work again and again. Hope you find some there that inspire you as well.

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  1. Scott,
    I am hearing photographers more and more saying how they want, and are willing to help rising photogs. After being around photographers for 45 years now I believe that this is a swing from years gone by. I may be wrong, but it seems like years ago the pros wouldn’t tell anybody anything in fear of giving away their “secret”. Nowdays, especially with social media and folks like yourselves, this has come to pass. It’s really COOL that everyone I know who is a photographer is all to willing to help a rising photog. Its an honor and privilege to follow and learn from them!

  2. Nice)
    For exapmle i really like Jasmine Star – as wedding.
    Joey L – as potrtait.
    August Bradley – studio.

  3. Scott,

    I can see why these Photographers are a real inspiration to you. Their Photography pieces are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

    Michael Levin’s black and white photo and Tim Wallace’s automotive shots are just beaut.
    Although all these Photographers listed and their photography pieces, most definitely bring a bag full of inspiration to even a designer like my self.

  4. Thanks for sharing the list. The photographs was really inspiring.

  5. Wow that’s a great list ;)

    I am sure if you would have a post on this blog, the list would be never ending..you really shortened that list I think.

    I thought names like David Ziser could have been there.

    I have become a fan of Erik Almas, thanks for introducing that link. Amazing portraits.

  6. I’m truely shocked that my name wasn’t on the list. Those other guys are pretty good though.

  7. I would add Art Wolfe to the list and the late Galen Rowell.

  8. Awesome! Another list of photographers sure to inspire me!

  9. Photojournalism hooked me on photography many years ago. I still marvel at the work of W. Eugene Smith then and Joe McNally now.

  10. Excellent just what I need today, a little inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Amazing names, and great fonts of inspiration. Thanks a lot.

  12. I love seeing other people’s inspiration. In high school, my art teacher told me, “You can’t create in a vacuum.” His words have proven so true. Thanks for being one of my inspirations, Scott!

  13. Thank you for sharing these great names in photography. This is inspiration to all photographers like me.

  14. Its always good to have someone to look up to, otherwise you spend your time looking down on everyone else.

  15. Awesome post Kelby. I never really ever leave comments but I always visit your blog. I just blogged about you on my website as you are an inspiration to me as a photographer. Thanks for everything!

  16. Ah and i just changed hosting and transferred my domain so my website jsphotostudio.com is down at the moment but you can view my blog at this temporary domain. http://s342430277.onlinehome.us/
    Again thanks for everything. And no this is not spam! haha

  17. Do you like any lady photographers????

  18. I took one look at Erik Almas’ work and was in complete awh.

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