Hi Gang: I know many of you have generously supported the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya this year, and I wanted to give you guys a quick update on a some great news:

(1) The sales of t-shirts from my Worldwide Photo Walk raised over $7,000 this year.
This could not have come at a better time. I got an email from Molly Bail, who runs the orphanage, looking for help in covering transportation costs, clothing, and school supplies for the children in the orphanage, and right about that time Rob Jones (from Towner Jones Photography, who organized the sale of the shirts), let me know that not only had we raised that much, but that the first check was already on its way. Way to go Rob, and to everyone who bought a shirt (100% of the profits went to the orphanage).

(2) Yesterday, after a very long, complex, and tedious process, the Orphanage was granted official registration as a Charitable Children’s Institute in Kenya (their designation for a Children’s Home). They had to go through loads of legal wrangling, and miles of red tape and politics to get this done, but thankfully—it’s done. During the hearing (in front of 20+ people from the Kenyan Children’s Dept. board, the head provincial officer who overseas children’s homes in a large area of Kenya, and had thoroughly inspected Springs of Hope Orphanage), said that he thought it to be “The Best!”

(3) You can follow Springs of Hope Kenya on Facebook right here.

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  1. If this doesn’t touch your heart nothing will. Scott, you’re a blessing!

  2. Great news. Glad to see someone hasn’t forgotten about Africa.

  3. This photo brings such a wonderful smile to my face. Thanks for sharing their story and providing ways to contribute to this beautiful institution.

  4. Scott

    Did you ever get my email about a trip to Kenya and the orphanage? I never got a reply.


  5. Ah that’s great news Scott.

    I’m glad it all went real well for you and the Orphanage in Kenya.

    Great work.

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