“A Walk in Rome” The Free Rebroadcast — Right Here (and some more stuff)

If you missed the live broadcast of our photography talk, a Walk in Rome, you can watch it in its entirety, right here (above). We got really great feedback on the show, and I hope you get a chance to check it out.


> My loadout for this weekend’s games
I’m shooting two games this weekend; first on Saturday the University of Tennessee Vols vs. the South Carolina Gamecocks in Knoxville, and then that night I’m off to Atlanta to shoot with the awesome Falcon’s crew for Sunday’s game against the Bucs.

On Saturday, we’re hoping to mount a remote camera on one of the goalposts, and if all goes well, we’ll have some shots from a different perspective than I’ve been able to get before. Keeping my fingers crossed, but also bringing the gear in case we get final clearance (the gear is shown above: Two Bogen Magic Arms, safety cables; Two f/plate.net floor mounts with ball heads for player intros, and three PocketWizard Plus IIIs to trigger up to two remote cameras.

I’m flying to Knoxville in two legs on Delta, and it’s the 2nd leg that has me concerned because it’s on a CRJ 900 Regional Jet, so here’s my loadout:

I’m taking my smallest ThinkTank Photo Roller Bag (it’s kind of a half-height bag), and you can see above that I’m bringing three Canon 1Dxs, a 16-35mm, a 70-200mm f/2.8, a Black Rapid strap for my second body during the game. I’m taking the 400mm f/2.8 in a separate smaller bag (a soft-sided bag made my Lightware — that’s it sitting on the floor in the foreground) that fits in the small overhead bins (the camera bag will have to fit under the seat in front of me  — and it does). I also have a Gitzo monopod for the 400mm. Brad is bringing a few more camera bodies and a fisheye with him (he’s helping me on the sidelines for Saturday’s UT game).

Hopefully, I’ll have some shots from the UT and Falcons game to share next week.


> The “Refresh” of Part 2 of my “Digital Photography Book Series is now available

The original Part Two was published back in 2008, so I brought the book up-to-date with a pretty significant refresh using today's latest cameras and changes in gear; plus I added a new chapter; I went through and updated all the photos and techniques where needed throughout, and I re-wrote from scratch the most popular chapter, the "Photo Recipes" chapter with all new images and descriptions.

It’s not a total rewrite — it’s a refresh, but if you have Part One and you’re thinking of picking up Part Two, make sure you get copy that looks like the cover on the right (above). Here’s the link to it at Barnes & Noble.com,  Amazon.com, and from Peachpit Press (the book’s publisher).

Cheers everybody, and here’s hoping you get some killer shots this weekend (and here’s hoping that your real team, and your fantasy team both win, unlike what happened to me last weekend). ;-)

  1. Scott, unless I’ve missed it you seem to be conspicuously silent on what appears to be a Nikon to Canon switch. It’s been many weeks now and your still using full Canon set-up. Are you planning on writing an article on you switch?

    I’m sure many will be interested to understand the thought process that went into your decision. In particular, if Canon has sponsored you in any way.

    Perhaps your battle weary from your adobe comments and ensuing verbal battle and constant justification for your opinions. Second thought, maybe it’s smart to never say anything…..lol

  2. Hi Scott,
    I also was wondering about your using Canon gear and your thoughts as to how they compare to your Nikon gear. You use Canon gear now for game photos, your photowalk in Rome and Photoshop World is sponsored by Canon, not Nikon. When you get a moment, please let us know your thoughts. Thanks

  3. Any chance for a part 2 where you speak more of the city, locations, and people in your photos and less of the techie? In short more tourist info and hints. or more Maisel type narrative

  4. You didn’t tell Brad that the real reason you’re bringing him to the game is because he’s the one shimmying up the goalpost to mount that remote, did you? ;-)

    That’s a lot of football in one weekend of shooting! Have a great time!


  5. “New” book looks great. I still go back to my originals many times throughout the year (and have gifted both 1 and 2). Any chance the “Refresh” of the KT iApp is coming soon, as well? (Nice segue, right?)

  6. Being a Knoxvillian I’m hoping to see both a win and some great shots of our Vols!

    So it looks like you switched to Canon from Nikon? I’ve switched to Fuji from Nikon. Interesting times ahead in the photo industry…

  7. I am a huge South Carolina fan Scott. I also live in the Knoxville area. I will be watching the game with added interest. I have been to Neyland Stadium several times. You won’t be disappointed. The stadium will be rocking. SC starting running back is a beast named Mike Davis. Hope you get some good shots. Tomorrow you will be leaving my dream.

  8. I was only able to watch the live show partially and finally got to watch the entire show today. Thanks for that! Now since I didn’t get contacted yet, I assume it wasn’t me won won the subscription?

  9. Scott – 3 of them…. Really? I mean, REALLY? Not one, not two, but 3 Canon 1DX bodies? Are you thinking maybe one of the three will slow down on you…. and you can unholster the two “spares”? :-) Sweet.

  10. Hi Scott,
    Please comment on what your wife does to support your photo shooting while on vacation with her. Like you, I love traveling and taking photos of my surroundings. My wife isn’t into photography but is very patient with me most of the time. However, sometimes she feels it really isn’t a vacation since much of my time is running here and there to get the shot(s). I would like to hear how your wife supports you or things you do to involve her so that she still feels she is on vacation even though you are many times getting the shot(s). Thanks!

  11. Hi Scott:
    Since you are using a Rapid Strap I thought you may like this cool tripod plate that will allow you connect the strap for carry but then remove it for tripod use. Way cool

  12. Hi Scott. Great Walk in Rome video.

    Here’s what I know after the first minute of the video. You didn’t go to Rome in January. I went in January with my wife last year and we didn’t wait in one line. The Vatican Museum was open and we walked right in with no guide or appointment. Plus, we never experienced the crush of the crowd that you described EVER. We also spent a day in Pompeii and found the ancient city deserted. Us and maybe a couple dozen other tourists. Crisp blue skies and 50-55 degrees in January.

    Buon viaggio!

  13. Scott, can’t wait for your “recipe” book you’ve hinted about in some other post comment section! Will it come out in 2014 or 2015? Thanks for the great stuff you publish and which has helped me so much for leaving “amateur” land and reach new horizons !

  14. Hey guys,
    thanks for posting the webcast, your tips and comments are great. One thing I need though, how can I get a copy of the webcast onto my iPad so I can watch it when there’s no web access? Like in a plane on the way to Rome, or wherever…
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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