I Accidentally Learned a Camera Raw Cropping Tip and I Want to Share It With You

I had to call a few friends on this one, and make sure that what I thought I came across was right (and I wasn’t just doing the wrong way all this time, and I just finally figured out the “right way”). Everybody I called was doing it the same way I was, and they all dug the tip (and none of them knew of it), so I’m sharing it with you here today. Watch the quick video below:

Two things: 

(1) I hope you found that helpful
(2) I hope I haven’t been doing it wrong all along, and there’s some other way to automatically select the whole image for cropping.

Here’s the trailer I didn’t have two weeks ago
It’s for my “Just One Flash” class – can you give it a quick look?

Hey, did you notice that the image I used in the tutorial at the top, is the same person as you see here in the one flash class? Both shots are from that “Just One Flash” class, and you can watch it right now (if you’re not a KelbyOne member, take the 10-day free trial and start watching it immediately).

Here’s the link to the class:

Hope you all have a rockin’ Tuesday! :)



    1. Michael – good to hear from you. And yes, you’re right – that’s not a panacea – mostly because it doesn’t keep the original aspect ratio, which is what this technique is all about. Good try nevertheless. :) Hope you are well – Happy Holiday to you and yours. :)

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