Adobe Lightroom Mobile is perfect for Instagram Stories

It’s #TravelTueday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always, this time writing from France where I’m on a mission in my van. I’ve just supported Epic Photography Podcast co-host Peter Treadway and his riding buddy, James Salmon, as they rode all the way from Trafalgar Square in London, England to the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. They covered 217 miles over 24 hours and you can see some of their adventure right here.

My role was quite simple – they were on racing bikes and couldn’t carry luggage so I had all their things in the van and, because it’s such a long ride, I met them at pre-defined waypoints to top up their water bottles and feed them delicious snacks. I also filmed them riding so their was some external footage to go with the GoPro recording Peter was doing on the bike, which meant I was busy operating a camera or drone for their arrival and departure at each point. The cameras and the need to be back on the road almost immediately each time I stopped presented a challenge, which was that I also wanted to get some shots for the ‘live’ side of their social media, showing their progress visually with some cool shots. We all know that our iPhone camera does an amazing job now, but to make things look great and really step them up a gear it requires a little edit.

Cue Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

For all the shots I took at the meeting points, I quickly processed them and made some adjustments to the color and some other basic adjustments using Lightroom Mobile. This is something I do very often with the photos I post to my Instagram story, and it’s one of the best things I think has ever happened in mobile photography. The power of Lightroom Mobile in the latest version is phenomenal and it even brings in some of the Masking features that blew us all away in the desktop version.

The adjustments we’re familiar with from desktop are present in a toolbar at the bottom of our iPhone screen and Lightroom Mobile is very easy to use. The presets are a great starting point for any editing and in no time at all we can turn our iPhone shots into awesome images for an Instagram Story whilst we’re on the go. If you haven’t yet explored more of the world of mobile photography and Adobe Lightroom Mobile, give it a try.

Congratulations to Peter and Jimmy, this week’s models!

Much love

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