Adobe Quietly Allays a Big Creative Cloud Concern in Lightroom 5.5

In the most recent update to Creative Cloud users, Adobe did something I just did not see coming, and it’s designed to allay the concerns of some Lightroom Creative Cloud subscribers (or potential subscribers). Watch the video above first (it’s really short) which explains what they did, then I did a short Q&A below, which will only make sense after you watch the video:

Q. Does this affect me if I bought Lightroom outright, rather than subscribed?
A. Nope. Not at all. This only affects folks who are using Lightroom through a Creative Cloud subscription (either the full subscription or the Photographers Bundle).

Q. So, if the scenario plays out like you said in the video, can I still import photos into Lightroom?
A. Yup. You can import and export (so, if you’re working with Raw files, you can still export out JPEGs or Tiffs. you can even print your images!). 

Q. Why do you think they disabled the Map module?
A. That one had me stumped at first, but my guess is â” they would owe royalties to Google for part of the Map integration and if they’re not collecting subscriptions they probably don’t want to pay royalties. I haven’t confirmed that with Adobe, but that’s my guess.

Q. Do you think they’ll do something similar for Photoshop CC?
A. If you had asked me Monday, I would have said no. Today, I’m thinking they might do something similar. Makes sense to me, but again â” that’s just my guess (have not asked Adobe if this is in their plans).

Q. Does this mean that every time that I’ve opened either LR or Photoshop 2014 that its checking with Adobe to see if I’m paid up? (This question from Dave Cooley over on my Facebook page).
A. No. It checks just once a month.

Q. Hey Scott, I just bought your Photoshop for Lightroom users book! It’s great thank you! (that’s another comment from my Facebook page, this time from Monika Rohfeld).
A. Monika, that’s not a question, but I’m going to let that slide because any comment that refers to my “Photoshop Book for Lightroom Users” should be highlighted here as an example of “the perfect Facebook comment,” so thank you Monika. My Publisher thanks you. My children’s college fund thanks you. I thank you. 

Q. If I already have Lightroom, can I still subscribe and get PS also? And if I cancel, the only gone for me would be PS? (another from my Facebook page. this one from Kellie Durbin Carey).
A. OK, that’s a toughie. You can subscribe to just Photoshop, but I believe it’s actually more expensive (like double) the cost of the Photographer’s Bundle of Lightroom & Photoshop and Lightroom Mobile for $9.99 a month, so here’s what I’d do: Go with the Bundle deal for $9.99, but keep using your current Lightroom for now (don’t update it to the Creative Cloud version of 5.5). That way, if you cancel, you’ll still have a fully functioning Lightroom. However, when Lightroom 6 comes out (whenever that is), then you’ll pay the full upgrade price. 

Q. Can you still write xmp data to file? Then you can use Bridge/ACR with settings that were applied in Lightroom? (Facebook comment from Susan Koppel)
A. I haven’t tested it myself yet, but you can still write XMP files (that’s a Library module function) so theoretically you could do just what you’re saying. Again, haven’t tested it, but it makes sense. Good thinking by the way, Susan.

Q. This has nothing to do with Lightroom, but I heard Joe McNally’s new online class came out yesterday. Is it as good as everybody says?
A. It’s better. This is a comment on Joe’s class I saw on Google+ from Martin Gleixner “Hands down – the best class ever I’ve seen on #kelbyone. Joe is unbelievable. Thank you so much for this great evening with Joe McNally.” Saw this one on Twitter from @irishmikenyc: “Wow! Thank you so much scott & joe, this kind of info is just as or more valuable than settings n’ gear.” This one from Facebook from Jill Martin, “I didn’t want to have my hopes up when you talked about it on the grid a week ago, but no worries, it was everything you claimed it would be. Very good class. The entire year’s subscription would have been worth it just for this one class.” Yes, it’s that good. Here’s the link:

Q. You are so incredibly lucky that someone asked that question about Joe’s class, right?
A. Ummmmmm, yeah. That was lucky, right? (cough, cough). 

Q. Hey, wait a minuteâ¦you didn’t ask that last one yourself did you?
A. Would I do something like that? (don’t answer that â” you’re already out of questions). 

Q. So does the LR news also mean any PSD files aren't orphaned & can be seen/exported via LR if you loose PS w/o a subscription? (On my Twitter page from Steve Brazill – @razz2)
A. Yes, but your PDS files weren’t orphaned even before this news because you can open PSDs and view and print them in a dozen different programs. LR does like you resave as a JPEG, but there are probably others that do, too. 

Q. I’ll stay with my non subscription version on my Mac. (David Hays from my Facebook page).
A. Thanks for letting me know. That’s really helpful?

Q. Adobe listened when a lot of us were bellyaching when CC was released. Kudos to them.  Great company! (from Kevin Graham over on my Google+ page).
A. Not a question Kevin, but I’m still running it here because I’m happy to see someone acknowledging that Adobe made a big positive step by doing this. This is a good thing â” it adds a safety net for subscribers â” many of whom I felt had a valid concern and I’m glad Adobe addressed it the way they did. A little amazed, but glad. Still surprised they left the Web, Slideshow and Print modules intact. 

OK, that’s the big news from yesterday â” (well, that and Joe’s class which I think was pretty big news). Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. :)

  1. Wow! Great news! I love when large companies make smart and thoughtful moves.

    Speaking of Lr… do you happen to know if running Lr + Ps vs running Br + ACR + Ps is more efficient for the computer (not for the user, I already know how you guys feel about Lr vs Br ^_^). I’m just wondering if Lr is “bigger” or “smaller” memory/process consumption-wise than using Br to cull and ACR to develop.

  2. Scott, I just watched the first 5 segments of the “Behind the Lens” with Joe and man, I just have to tell you that it makes me want to cry. THANK YOU for making this. You gentlemen have kickstarted something in me that was nearly dead and I am going to spend the rest of my life shooting and improving to try and repay you for it. I may never make a headline but I will be mailing the world some honest “postcards from the heart”. Thank you <3

  3. It’s a good solution to the problem. Just wish they had this answer a year ago when they announced the changeover. Would have saved a lot of confusion and anger; not all of it but a lot.

      1. Yep … this and offering the Photography Package early on, could have made a world of difference and saved them a mountain of negative discussion …

    1. I agree! I was a little put off at first. But after I ran my own numbers and looked at my own needs and game plan the subscription service made more sense for me. Its kinda nice to be up to date all the time, rather than wait for updates, or have to save over months and months for upgrades or skip upgrades. I just plug the cost into my monthly budget and it works for me.

      1. What if you want to change to another development software later? Can you switch your library from Lightroom to the competitor or are you trapped?

  4. I have LR 4. If I go CC photogs bundle and later decide to back out, how backward compatible is 5.5? can I export my collection and re-import into LR4?

      1. The core idea I tried to convey seems to have missed the point. Let me be explicit rather than implicit. A software program such as Lightroom has various functions. But the heart of this application pulses in the develop module. When it is ripped out the rest is a fancy DAM and printing software. That’s what I tried to bring to your and others’ attention.

        Another way of making this point would be to ask this question: Would you have purchased Lightroom if it did not have its develop module?

        By the way, I DO have full CC in case anyone is wondering.

  5. I think this is great, but can you point us at where there is something official from adobe about this? Not that I don’t trust you implicitly with my life, Scott … just that when it comes to my photos , I’d like to see or hear it from the source :)

  6. I have LR 5.7. If I go LR/PS CC I assume nothing happen to my LR stand alone 5.7? Can I move my stand alone LR 5.7 Catalog of Photos or parts thereof to the LR/PS CC?

  7. Would either of you recommend alternatives to LR for those of us who photograph as advanced hobbyists and don’t want to rent zeros and ones for the rest of our lives? I have the standalone LR5 and despite its frustrating sluggishness, I like it but don’t want to convert to the cloud.

  8. All I want to do is buy the latest standalone version of Lightroom. I don’t ever want to subscribe to software and have my photo library be at the mercy of someone that wants me to pay them yearly. I really hope someone will offer Adobe some competition and consumers a choice. I want to OWN my software not rent it.

  9. I purchased LR6. Wow, what a disappointment. Not only is the HDR function (which I never use anyway) completely worthless, but it’s slower than 5.7 (still have both stand-alones on two machines) and crashes like crazy. Adobe has not answered any of my emails to request support. A friend (pro photographer) uses Bridge for his cataloging and RAW. I thought he was somewhat of a dinosaur but now I get it. Very frustrated I just threw away $80 rather than take my wife to dinner.

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