The Art of Digital Photography: The Inspirational Series with Greg Heisler
Join Mia McCormick and Gregory Heisler as they sit down to discuss Greg's award-winning career as a portraitist. Greg is known the world over for his evocative portraits of some of the most well known leaders in government, business, the arts, and more. Spend an hour hearing inspiring stories of how Greg got started in photography, and some of the many lessons he has learned along the way. From the importance of having a unique vision that transcends technique to the willingness to take chances when everything is on the line, Greg and Mia discuss key moments in Greg's experience as a portrait photographer that will surely give you a new appreciation for his thoughtful approach to his work.

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Creating Websites with Lightroom and the SmugMug Plug-In
SmugMug is known as one of the industry's best looking and easiest ways to show off, sell, and print your photos online. In this class, Matt Kloskowski walks you through setting up and using the SmugMug Lightroom plug-in to get your galleries online.

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KelbyOne Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, or Corey Barker? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
Aug 26 - St. Louis, MO
Aug 28 - Kansas City, MO

One Flash, Two Flash with Joe McNally
July 24 - Milwaukee, WI
July 28 - Boston, MA

Photoshop Down & Dirty Master FX with Corey Barker
Aug 1 - Miami, FL
Aug 13 - Austin, TX

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Lost Photos from Macphun
Ever wanted to find photos that you know are buried deep in your email but have no idea where to find them?

Lost Photos is a handy Mac app that securely scans your email account for every photo you've ever sent or received and then displays them for you in a convenient browser.  All photos are downloaded to your computer, making it ultra-fast to view them, archive them to permanent storage, edit them and even share them again.

Install Lost Photos for FREE to access the first 100 photos from your email account(s), then upgrade for a couple of bucks to get an unlimited number of photos.

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