Adobe Releases Lightroom CC

It has been an awesomely exciting day here at KelbyOne, as for us, news doesn’t get much bigger than this!!!

Adobe launched Lightroom CC today, and we had it covered big time!

1. We launched a FREE Lightroom Learning Center, with 20 videos on all the new features, along with Q&As, details and more. Here’s the link.. 

2. We did THREE live Lightroom CC Webcasts (the fourth is coming up in 15 minutes) at this link (7pm EDT)

3.  GET THIS: B&H Photo made a special deal, just for our viewers, for today and tomorrow. A FULL-YEAR subscription to the Adobe Photography Bundle (Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC), for just $99.99. That is the lowest price I’ve ever seen. Here’s the link (only good thru tomorrow). Thanks B&H – you guys so rock!!!

4. We released FIFTEEN new Lightroom CC full-length online classes covering a ton of Lightroom learning. It’s all on right now.

5. There’s a whole bunch more, but I’ve got a run (we’ve live in just a few minutes). I’ll have lots more to share tomorrow on The Grid at 4pm at

See you then!


P.S. If you would help us spread the word about all this stuff, it would be much appreciated! :)

  1. Have a PS and LR subscription. Installed LR CC using Creative Cloud app. LR CC would not open cleaning. After much research, found out that CC sometimes has a glitch where you have to go into the Creative Cloud app, go to the sprocket (upper right), signout, then sign in. Open the LR CC and it should execute cleanly.

  2. Congrats on the webcasts, they were fun and very informative!

    As for CC, the fact that you have to be online at least once every 30 days it’s a deal breaker for me. There are some situations were you can be literally off the grid for more than a month, and you need to use lightroom to edit the days’ pictures. Can’t really wait to go back to civilization to start working. Too bad, I still think that Lightroom *and* Photoshop for 10$ a month is one heck of a deal.

  3. Scott,

    I was would like to hear your thoughts on the changes Adobe made in marketing the new LR.

    First, on Facebook they are telling people that LR6 WILL receive the same updates that CC will, even though you mentioned on the broadcast it will not, and on Adobe’s own web site it says LR6 does not include updates. I guess we’ll have to wait and see with that.

    Back to the marketing, why do you think they are forcing people to “subscibe” to both LR and PS if you get the CC version? I personally have no use for PS, and even the $50 version of Elements I have on my laptop is rarely opened. They’ve designed a program for photographers and then added PS like features so that you don’t need PS but then force you to pay the $10 per month for both. Dont’ get me wrong, if you want both, that’s a great deal. However for someone like myself that normally pays $80 to upgrade to the new LR version, I would not have to pay triple that ($240 based on a two year upgrade cycle at $10 per month) for the same thing.

    I was just wondering what your thoughts were on that from the business side and maybe PS sales are down or are they just looking to get more money our of LR users?

    1. A lot of the answer is historical. When Adobe started the Creative Cloud it was virtually an all or nothing option across the product line. The emphasis for photographers was you can get PS as a subscription for a much higher monthly price. LR was still developing into today’s much better product. But the emphasis is on the subscription options given to us photographers. (I still believe Adobe thought PS’s base was for pro illustrators and photographers that were pro). So the photography community that could not afford the all bundle complained bitterly (yes, I was one) to Adobe and their indirect reps (eg. Kelby) just because they would listen. So a smaller bundle of PS and LR (LR was NOT part of the original CC package) was created a few years ago at the current monthly subscription price and conditions. For those of us who previously bought LR we still got updates contrary to the conditions of the non subscription. So now you have a much better LR (still can’t layer unless you have On1) but can go to PS to do it in the Adobe product line.Other products have gone to a one or two button option to get you the results of layering. But step back and consider that PS for all its complexities for both Photographers and Illustrators, and others is a $700 product that you can use for $10/month or less, (TY to B&H for 2 days).

      Can you honestly say that LR isn’t worth $10/month plus you can use PS. LR release version updates averaged 18 months in development and testing.

      1. It’s not that LR isn’t worth it (and it’s not, it’s worth what they charge for it, which is much less) or that PS isn’t worth it. I have had LR since the very first version, and I’ve had PS before (CS4 was my last version), but currently I rarely use PS. So much so that I’ve loaded PS elements onto my laptop for $50 with no plan to ever upgrade it, and I buy the LR upgrade every twoish years. So for $80 ($40 per year) I have LR. Now suddenly Adobe feels that I HAVE to also have photoshop along with my lightroom experience and they want to charge me $120 per year for it.

        I have two issues with that. One is that by going to the subscription base, I am doing nothing more than leasing their program. Like if you went to Chevy and said you wanted to lease a car and you never own it. Yes you can keep upgrading, but why have payments for the rest of your life instead of owning it? What if LR7 has nothing in the way of feature upgrades and I choose not to buy it? I’d save an additional $80 and could wait another 2 years to upgrade on the same $80 program. Two is that they just tripled the price of a piece of software that I’ve been using and that I’ve enjoyed using for years. And it’s something they conviently done now that they have a monopoly on this type of program.

        Now the jury is still out on the LR6 update thing because whoever it is at Adobe that answers questions on Facebook says that LR6 will get the same feature and bug updates as LR CC. However, info form Scott, which I trust to be true, and info right on Adobe’s web site when you go to purchase LR6 says, “Updates not included”. So with that, and the fact that this version really does not have anything in it that I absolutely can’t live without, I think I will hold off. I may not ever buy it, or if the updates will happen I might buy it for the pano/HDR features.

        So again, it’s not that the deal is bad for what you get. But for someone who does not do this for a living and only needs Lightroom, I think the lack of a LR CC only choice is a slap in the face.

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