Today is “New Big Secret Thing” Reveal Day (and 4 free webinars all about it)

Mornin’ everybody —  Well, today’s the day (but it’s not “the time” quite yet) that the big news gets revealed, and we’ll be all over it. Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest.

We have FOUR free LIVE webcast’s today regarding the big news (including live Q&A) and you’re invited. We did have to change our broadcast schedule a bit – here’s the updated schedule:

>  1:00 pm (six hours from now, which is 7am EDT)

>  3:00 pm

>  5:00 pm

>  7:00 pm

All of them at EDT (New York Time). Here’s a world clock time zone helper. 

Sign up for the free Webinars right here. 

Hope you’ll be able to join us – it’s gonna be a really fun day!



P.S. Note: the four webinars will be essentially the same â” except of course from the questions answered during the live Q&A.

  1. The “Sign up for the free Webinars” link above isn’t working. It results in ”
    We are sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist”.

    1. Their servers are probably overloaded, not to be mean, but I expected that, just like downloading the software will likely take forever today because Adobe servers while maybe not overloaded, they almost certainly will be slowed by maximum access.

      1. Usually a page not found error is different from a server busy error but you could be right. And what’s this about Adobe servers??? It’s almost like you know the big announcement :-)

      2. Creative Live announced Lightroom cc at noon eastern, when I posted I knew they had scheduled a Lightroom Crash Course at 9 Pacific, so it was obvious what was going on. Adobe is already having problems with the Lightroom CC download. I think everyone knew what is going on and the CC stuff just started appearing today. Yes there will be a Lightroom 6.

  2. Maybe the announcement is actually at noon eastern time, based on the start time of a 3 hour Creative Live Event that many know about. Hint: Matt K is involved.

  3. One quick question for the webcasts: Has Adobe added another “process version” to LR 6? I think a number of the digital files out there could really benefit from improvements to the demosaic processing. LR is good but other tools have done it better (even though they lag LR in other areas). Hope they make the screen usage more optimized for 15″ MacBook Pro Retinas, too.

  4. Let’s just hope Lightroom finally has *scrubby zoom, selective color correction on par with capture one, and layer editing, again, like capture one, and more robust color profile control, like Photoshop.

    *Scrubby zoom, IMO, is one of the most powerful ways to find compositions within an image. Used in tandem with the rotate view tool, one can create amazing compositions from within an image. But, this is only possible with Photoshop. If LR embraces more GPU offloading, it ( adding scrubby zoom and rotate view tool ) would be a natural addition.

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